May 17, 2024
Half Encrypted Data Drive Recovery

How to Complete Half Encrypted Data Drive Recovery

Overview of this post,

I broke a portable hard drive that was secured with BitLocker while I was encrypting it because the power was off. It was almost time to finish the coding. The protected BitLocker drive can no longer be seen on my computer, and disk management lists it as an unknown sector. Since the data is very important, I don’t want to mess up formatting the drive. Is it possible to do half encrypted data drive recovery with BitLocker?

The drive is partially secured by BitLocker, this is the case. It’s possible to recover half encrypted drive data even if you can’t open the drive with the restore key or password.

Recommendation BLR BitLocker Encrypted Drive Recovery Tool

BitLocker data recovery tool like BLR BitLocker half encrypted data drive recovery is used by professionals. It can recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive that is only partially protected, recover data after BitLocker drive encryption failed or got stuck, and more.

BitLocker data recovery is different from other types of data recovery because it needs the BitLocker metadata and password, or the 48-digit BitLocker recovery key to decrypt data from a BitLocker protected drive.

Step-by-step instruction to recover data from a partially protected BitLocker drive

  1.  Step : Download, install, and run BLR BitLocker data recovery software on your Windows PC.
  2. Step : Choose the partially BitLocker encrypted disk and click Next.
  3. Step : Enter your password or 48-digit BitLocker recovery key.
  4. Step : Scan the data on the partially BitLocker encrypted device.
  5. Step : Once the scan is complete, you may examine the documents, images, audios, and videos to see whether your lost information can be recovered.
  6. Step : Choose your desired files and click Recover to begin the recovery procedure.
  7. Step : Manually verify the retrieved files.

This manual inspection step is critical for retrieving data from a partially BitLocker protected device. A partially BitLocker encrypted disk indicates that certain data are encrypted but others are not.

BitLocker drive encryption is a disk-level encryption solution. There is no encryption mark in the files, thus you must manually. Examine the recovered files when recovering data from a partially encrypted BitLocker drive.

Last Step : If you notice that certain recovered files cannot be accessed, use the “Revert decryption” option from the help menu and recover them again.

Bitlocker drive recovery tool

File Recovery With BitLocker vs Usual File Recovery

For BitLocker data recovery to work, the BitLocker information and password or 48-digit BitLocker recovery key must be present.

While most data recovery program say they can get back data from a deleted BitLocker drive, they can’t actually access the data. The first thing you need to do is pick and find professional BitLocker data recovery tool.

In short:

The blog is well-written and insightful, making it easy to find a way to recover data from a BitLocker drive that is half encrypted or fully protected, without the need for complicated techniques or special skills. Yes, it is possible to get back data from a BitLocker drive that is partially encrypted with advanced data recovery software.

Some Frequently Asked Question

Is an encrypted hard disk recoverable?

If you have the password, you can decrypt the hard disk. You must also verify the hard disk is not corrupt to decode it. BitLocker-encrypted disk data: how? Find the drive and hit unlock drive.

How do I recover the data that was encrypted?

You need to connect your backup service or device to your device or to another device that can view your protected data in order to get back to a backup. Once you have the key and the encryption software, you can access your backup and get your data back.

Can I decrypt a drive that has been encrypted?

It is possible to recover your own private hard drive as long as you know the decryption key or password. How to decode a hard drive that has been secured will depend on the program that was used to encrypt it.

Which problems does disk encryption cause?

Concerns about full-disk encryption

It may take longer to access data after it has been encrypted and decrypted, especially when virtual memory is being heavily used.

Intruders will be able to get into a device even if the user forgets their password and restore key.

BitLocker removal?

  • Please click on Ask me anything.
  • Simply type “Windows PowerShell” and click “Launch.”
  • Type any of these commands: command manage-bde -off <drive letter>: Stop-BitLocker -MountPoint “<drive letter>” For instance: command manage-bde -off C:
  • After pressing Enter, wait for the order to finish.
  • Shut down your computer.
Half Encrypted Data Drive Recovery - How to Make It Possible
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Half Encrypted Data Drive Recovery - How to Make It Possible
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