May 17, 2024
Unformat SD Card on Camera

Unformat SD Card on a Camera (Working 100%)

Have you formatted an SD card on your camera by accident and lost all of your important data, like photos and videos? Just wipe the card clean, and then use a powerful picture recovery tool to recover the data you lost on your unformat SD card on camera.

Surprisingly, many people format their SD card by accident. If you take your attention off of a program on your device for a moment, it could change to a style you didn’t mean. When you use Windows, things can be more difficult because an unsuitable or formatted SD card will automatically ask you to erase it.

You might format the card on purpose sometimes, only to find out later that you deleted some important files by accident. But don’t give up! Accidents do happen, but luckily, there are ways to recover data from any unformat SD card on camera. I’ll show you how to do things if you stay here.

Helpful hint: After formatting, treat that SD card like a crime scene and don’t use it for a while! That way, you can still use your data fingerprints to get it back.

Various SD Card Format

You can actively recover the data that was lost when you formatted an SD card by “unformatting” it. However, can you get your data back? Which way it is depends on how you formatted the card beforehand. When deciding what to do next, think about these three common ways of formatting:

Fast formatting: Quick Format doesn’t delete the data right away; instead, it marks the place where the data was removed as free for new data. Getting the most out of data recovery depends on how long it takes between doing a quick update and adding new data. Quick action is necessary if you want to recover data an unformat SD card on camera.

Completely format an SD card: Filling your SD card with zeros completely erases it. Additionally, it scans the drive to find and separate any damaged sections, keeping them from being used for storage in the future. The data saved on the card can’t be retrieved after it’s done.

Android devices and cameras usually only do a quick format when you format an SD card on those devices. With the right data recovery tool, you can recover data on your SD card.

Camera SD Card Unformatting: How?

  1. Take out the camera’s SD card.
  2. Use a built-in card reader or a third-party card reader to connect the SD card to your computer.
  3. To unformat the SD card, use tools for recovering photos.

Unformat SD Card Most Reliable Tool

If you lose or remove photos, videos, or music in any format, the BLR picture recovery tool can get them back for you. The software works with both Windows and Mac and can get video files back from all types of storage drives.

BLR Tools has more than just the standard version. The Professional and Premium models, which can fix photos and videos, respectively, are also available.

To Recover Data on an SD Card

  • Step 1: Get the BLR Photo Recovery Tool and run it.

The software shows a screen of all linked hard drives, media, and SD cards when you start it up.

  • Step 2: To find your pictures, music, and videos, just pick out the SD card from the list of portable drives.
  • Step 3: Press “Scan.”
  • Step 4: A screen will show you what’s going on during the scan as it happens. To stop the screening, all you have to do is press Stop at any point.

When the check is done, the system shows information about the files and folders in a text box, as shown:

Getting a Deep Scan

  • Step 5: Choose the SD card from the portable disk on the screen that says “Recover Photo, Audio & Video.”
  • Step 6: Turn on the deep scan button, which is in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then, click Scan.

Viewing Scan Results

When it’s done reading, all the files are shown in a sample window, like this:

Accessing your folders can be done in three different ways:

File Type: Within this layout, the computer sorts files and folders by type, namely pictures, music, and videos.

Tree View: This style arranges files in a sensible, tier-like way.

Deleted List: This view shows all the files and folders that have been uninstalled from the drive.

The file sample can be seen by clicking on it in the bottom-right pane.

For your information, you can only preview files that are enabled.

Keeping the Files That Were Found

  • Step 8: Choose the files and folders you want to get back from the Preview window, then click Recover.
  • Step 9: You’ll see a “Recover” box. Click on Browse to pick a place to save your files.
  • Step 10: Click “Start Saving” to start the process of saving.

Avoiding SD Card Formatting Accidents

The chosen files will be saved and restored in the place given.

Finally, here are some tips to keep you from accidentally altering files in the future:

  • Always keep copies of your data.
  • Use write-protection features to keep changes from being made without your permission.
  • Before you use any editing tools, make sure you’re sure.

If you follow these steps carefully, you can keep your important data from being erased by accident.


How can I undo SD card formatting?

A. SD card formatting is irreversible. If your data hasn’t been erased, Photo Recovery can recover data from unformat SD card on camera.

Why can’t I format my memory card?

A. SD card corruption, faulty sectors, and viruses cause formatting troubles. Continue reading: SD card not functioning after format

How can I detect SD card corruption?

A. Digital cameras and other suitable devices not recognizing your SD card corrupt it.

Unformat SD Card on Camera: A Proven Method
Article Name
Unformat SD Card on Camera: A Proven Method
To connect the camera to the computer, remove the SD card. unformat SD card on camera using photo recovery software.

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