May 17, 2024
recovered files won't open

Why Recovered Files Won’t Open or Not Opening

Reasons: Recovered Files Won’t Open

Are you experiencing challenges when recovered files won’t open when using third-party utilities such as BLR data recovery tool, Disk Drill, Recuva, ZAR, or Stellar? A common issue that is reported by users is that, while data recovery may be successful, certain recovered files cannot be opened.

Several factors may prevent users from accessing or opening recovered files. The files that have been recovered can include Word documents, JPEG files, videos, or emails. Here are a few common causes:

  • File recovery failed (partial data incorrectly restored)
  • Corruption in files
  • Virus or malware infection encrypts files
  • Data overwritten

Troubleshoot Not Opening or Unreadable Restored Data

Also, other things can be done to solve these problems. First, you should figure out what caused the problem. Then, use the related way to fix it and get all of your files back.

Try Another Reliable File Recovery Software

If you use file recovery tools like Recuva, Stellar, Disk Drill, or even BLR Tools to do incomplete file recovery on your storage devices, you probably won’t be able to open the recovered files. Do these things:

  • First, be sure you know how to use the software correctly.
  • Second, get help from a well-known and professional third-party file recovery tool.

Step 1: Launch BLR data recovery tool in Windows 11/10/8/7 and select the lost data location. Then click “Scan.”

Step 2: After scanning, utilize the left or upper right file format filter to discover the files you require. Then, click “Preview” or double-click a file to preview its content.

Step 3: Check the file’s checkbox and click “Recover” to save the data.

If you followed the appropriate steps, but the recovered files won’t open, they may be fragmented or corrupted.

Tip: If BLR file recovery software cannot recover all lost files, email [email protected] with specifics.

  1. BLR data recovery professionals will contact you to help fix your problem quickly.
  2. Remember to store recovered files to a safe device. Avoid damaging the original device or overwriting revered data with new files.

Use BLR File Repair Tool to Fix File Corruption Recovered Files Won’t Open Issue

You can’t just click on the restored files and open them if they are damaged. You will need a trusted file repair tool to help you with this. BLR file repair tool is well-known for both its ability to recover lost data and fix damaged files that have already been recovered. You don’t have to worry about the recovered files not opening with this tool because it will fix the files immediately.

  1. Fix Word files that are damaged.
  2. Fix more than one broken file at the same time.
  3. You can look at the fixed files for free.
  4. Fix Excel or Word files that are damaged for different reasons.
  5. Fix files that are broken on a PC, laptop, portable hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, and other devices.

The steps below show you how to use BLR repair software to fix corrupted Excel files that “recovered files won’t open” so that you can use the returned sheets without any problems.

Step 1: Install BLR Tools and open them on your PC or mobile device. If your Word, Excel, PDF, or other Office file is damaged, choose “File Repair” to fix it. Click “Add Files” to choose the damaged files.

Step 2: Select the “Repair All” option if you have many files that need to be fixed. Select the “Repair” option after identifying the file that needs to be fixed. Simply click the eye symbol to see a sample of the file.

Step 3: Click “Save” to save the paper you chose. Click “Save All” to save all the files that have been fixed. Pick “View Repaired” to find the folder that has been fixed.

“Fix File Encryption” Remove Viruses and Unlock Files

You could decrypt a lost protected file with your password after file recovery. If, however, a virus locked your files, do the following:

  • Running virus cleanup software on PCs and storage devices is step 1. You can use free antivirus, virus removal software, etc.
  • File decryption software can help.

List of Tools to Decrypt Encrypted Files:

Features: BitLocker recovery tool, McAfee ransomware recovery, File Encrypt/Decrypt, EncryptOnClick, and Decryption Tool.

Overwritten Data: Get Back Files That Were Overwritten

When a new file overwritten an old one, most of the time, you can’t open the old file or get it back with regular file recovery software. You may still have one last chance, though, if you restore it from a previous version or use System Restore to restore a file that was accidentally deleted. You can find a thorough guide on how to do recovering overwritten data.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we have discussed the numerous causes that can prevent your recovered files from opening and provided remedies for each one. Don’t forget that if you ever lose files, you can always turn to the BLR data recovery tool for rapid aid.

People Also Asked

Problems opening files that BLR Tools recovered?

There are several possible reasons why BLR data recovery files won’t open after they’ve been recovered. Possible reasons are:

  • The lost file is ruined.
  • Storage devices may have physical damage or faulty sectors.
  • File content is overwritten with other data.
  • Damaged storage device file system

Because of these reasons, there are different ways to fix the issue where BLR Tools restored files won’t open. Fixing files or fixing storage devices is up to you.

Files that were restored can’t be opened?

If at least one of the following is true, the recover files won’t open:

  • The data recovery doesn’t finish or fail.
  • Files were wrong or broken before they were recovered.
  • The files are hidden because of a virus or other bad software.
  • New information has written over the files.

There are some issues with the storage device, such as bad bits, physical damage, and so on.

Not able to open restored Word files?

If you can’t open the Word files you got back after data recovery, the BLR file fix tool can help. This tool can fix Word files that are damaged while the recovery process is going on. You don’t have to find any other apps to fix Word files.

How do I get back the things I lost?

That’s how you can open the files you got back:

  • Double-click the file when you find it on your computer. It opens the file with its original software.
  • After opening the app, open the file. After opening the app, click File at the top and select Open.

Can things that have been damaged be fixed?

It is sometimes possible to get back and fix files that are damaged. You can figure out what’s wrong with a professional file repair tool and why recovered files won’t open. If you can’t get the broken files back and fix them, you might have to delete the file and replace it with a saved copy from earlier.

Recovered Files Won't Open: Explain Cause & Solution
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Recovered Files Won't Open: Explain Cause & Solution
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