June 18, 2024
restore lost data of pen drives

How to Restore Lost Data of Pen Drive with BLR Tools?

If there is corrupted data on your pen drive, you really shouldn’t worry about it. Start learning now and follow along to discover three techniques for restore lost data of Pen Drives with BLR Tools!

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Every single essential Microsoft Document file is saved on the storage device that the user carries with them, which is a pen drive. Yesterday was the day when his employer made a request for information regarding one of these files, which formed the subject of the inquiry. The user was caught aback when he discovered that all of the files that he had previously placed on his USB stick were disappeared once the USB stick was attached. For my part, I am completely clueless about what transpired. I would be grateful if you could provide me with information on how to restore lost data of Pen Drives.

‍To begin with, recover erased or corrupted data from a pen drive using CMD. The first thing a user should do if their data on a pen drive gets formatted, wiped, or corrupted is try the following command line procedure:

Technique 1 : Pen Drive Programs and Data Retrieval from Corrupted Pen Drives

Pen drives are frequently used to store and transfer digital files, such as audio files, photos, videos, documents, and other kinds of data. A pen drive is incredibly simple to move from one place to another. On the other hand, pen drive data is always susceptible to data loss because of a number of reasons, such as corrupted media, mistaken formatting, unintentional deletion, virus attacks, and human error. You shouldn’t worry about it, though. If you want to know how to fix corrupted data on any flash drive, just download the BLR data recovery tool.


  1. You can press the Win key + R to start Run.
  2. Type CMD at the command prompt and hit Enter.
  3. Enter the pen drive’s letter, like D:, then hit Enter.
  4. Input attrib -h -r -s /s d:*.*, hit Enter.
  5. Now that you check the pen drive, the files should be available.

The above-mentioned command switches are explained as follows:

  1. The “+” and “-” signals allow you to either activate or disable the selected attribute.
  2. To change the “System” property of the selected files, look for the “S -” sign.
  3. The “/S” indicates that you want to search the entire path, including any subfolders.
  4. D:The pen drive letter in this instance is \.

If the first technique is unable to retrieve the data, we can try the second one. It’s important to keep in mind that the CMD method can only recover files that were deleted by the traditional means—clicking the delete button. If you accidentally used Shift+Delete and erased all of your data, you should utilize an outside program to get the data back.

‍Technique 2 : To recover corrupted data from pen drives, use earlier restore versions.

If the first method doesn’t work to restore lost data of Pen Drives, you can use the older restore versions strategy.

  1. Make sure you point to the folder where the missing data is located.
  2. Click and hold the mouse over it, then select “Properties.”
  3. Pick the “Previous Version” option from the dialog box that appears.
  4. From the list of files that should show up, pick the files or folders you want to recover.
  5. Finally, from the menu, choose “Restore“.

Technique 3 : Recover Corrupted Data from Pen Drives with Reliable Software

If the two methods listed above weren’t able to solve your data recovery issues, you might try using pen drive data recovery software. It recovers any inaccessible data, including formatted, deleted, and corrupted data, from any pen drive, SD card, etc. This tool can recover data in the exFAT, FAT (16, 32), and NTFS formats and is compatible with all versions of Windows. Supported brands and models of memory cards and pen drives include SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, HP, and others. Additionally supported are all file kinds, including doc, pdf, xls, and zip. An advanced search option is available with this tool. The program makes it possible to get particular data back. Moreover, by holding down the Shift and Del keys at the same time, data can be restore lost data of Pen Drives files or an empty recycle bin. Furthermore, it allows the application of filters before file recovery.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Just download and launch the BLR Pen Drive data recovery tool.
  • Once the software has been downloaded, install it to recover data from pen drives.
  • A list of all the attached USB drives will show up when you run the utility.
  • Once your USB device is selected, check the crucial data on the right panel.
  • The software provides two ways to recover data:
  • To recover corrupted and destroyed data, use formatted scans and scans.
  • Formatted Scan: To obtain formatted data.
  • Select the appropriate option.
  • Proceed to examine and view the data on the USB drive that has been repaired.
  • The items that have been fixed can now be saved to your computer.

Final Words

We can restore lost data of Pen Drives using any one of the three methods. As always, using third-party software is the simplest option to recover lost or corrupted data.

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Restore Lost Data of Pen Drives
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Restore Lost Data of Pen Drives
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