March 3, 2024

Quick methods to Repair Corrupted OST File

The most frequent question posed by users of Outlook is “We’ll go over the quick methods for repair corrupted OST file in this blog.

How can I repair an OST file that is damaged?

A copy of all MS Outlook data is created and saved in an offline mode using OST files or Offline Storage Tables. Nevertheless, users may occasionally encounter an issue where the OST file becomes corrupted for various reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss both the automated and manual methods of BLR Tools for repair corrupted OST file with OST to PST converter tool in order to assist you fix this problem. Let’s examine a few of the typical causes of corrupt Outlook data files before moving on to the treatments.

Causes of Corrupt Exchange OST Files

These are a few of the most frequent causes of corrupt Outlook data files.

  • Attacks by malware or viruses.
  • Network Problems.
  • Absence of power.
  • faulty hard disk sectors.
  • Device failure in data storage.
  • large OST file.
  • Header File corruption.

Users find it more challenging to repair corrupted OST file. Various error messages will be displayed to the user based on the various causes. The most typical mistakes that users encounter are —

1.Outlook on Windows cannot be started. The OST file cannot be found by Outlook.

2.Unable to open certain Outlook items when not connected.

3.The file xx.ost is an offline folder file; it is not possible to access the default email folders.

4.Let’s get right to the fix and examine the several approaches to repair.ost file. Let’s start with the manual approach.

5.Methodical Approach for Fixing OST File.

The manual methods of BLR Tools listed below can be used by users to fix an OST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Method 1: Make the OST File Again

  • Select the Mail option by going to the Control panel.
  • After choosing the Profile Name, select Properties.
  • Select the Account options by clicking on Email accounts now.
  • Next, click on data files and choose where you want the data to be saved.
  • To open the preferred file location, select the Open file location option in the Outlook data files window.
  • Close the Account Settings window now.

Remove the specific OST file that is corrupted. Once again, when you open your Outlook account, the freshly created OST file will be visible.


Method 2: Utilize the ScanOST.exe Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

Outlook makes use of its built-in inbox repair tool to help fix minor OST file corruption issues. Using the BLR Tools ScanOST.exe utility for inbox repair is totally free. To fix an Outlook data file in 2010, 2013, 2016, etc., follow the instructions provided.

  1. Click ScanPST.exe or ScanOST.exe twice.
  2. Choose the corrupted or damaged OST file that requires repair now.
  3. Click repair corrupted OST file to begin the scanning process when the problem has been located.
  4. Await the completion of the scanning process.


Following scanning, the user can locate the recovered OST file in the list of recovered folders.

Users can repair an OST file by using the common manual procedures mentioned above. In the part that follows, let’s examine these shortcomings.

Cons of Using a Manual Approach

  1. The manual method is limited to addressing small corruption problems.
  2. For users to use this strategy, they must have strong technical knowledge.
  3. The chance of data loss is very high.
  4. It takes a lot of time to repair an OST file manually.
  5. Users are unable to repair encrypted OST files using this procedure.
  6. An automated solution is recommended by several experts as a way to get rid of these issues.

Expert Method for Fixing an OST File

One of the greatest ways to repair corrupted OST file is to use an OST recovery tool. This software’s multiple recovery modes assist in repairing small corruptions and damaged OST files. You can save the recovered OST file contents into a number of different file formats, including PST, MSG, EML, and MBOX, with this software. Users of this software have the option to save emails that fall within a particular date range by using the Mail Filter feature. With 100% accuracy, this tool assists with OST file repair.

In Summary

We have covered several methods of BLR Tools for repair corrupted OST file in this blog. There are several disadvantages to using manual methods to recover data from an OST file that has been damaged. The automated system offers high data accuracy results in a safe and dependable manner.

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