May 17, 2024
Regain Corrupt RAW Photos

How to Regain Corrupt RAW Photos on Windows/PC/Desktop

Recap: I take raw vacation photos with my professional digital GoPro camera. My photos are damaged or corrupted. Can corrupt RAW photos be regained?

This page covers all manual RAW photos restoration techniques. Manual techniques might cause data loss. Try BLR photo recovery tool to rapidly restore may be it is beneficial for RAW photos instead of those approaches.

All of this is fine until your beloved photos are damaged. Photo corruption is sad. Corruption threatens your photos and might haunt you. But there are practical solutions to remediate picture file corruption. Regain corrupt RAW photos is the topic of this blog.

Photography enthusiasts may be acquainted with RAW files. As digital cameras become more prevalent, professional and amateur photographers use them for their superior photo quality. Many digital cameras store photographs in RAW format. RAW files are more important since they are less processed than other picture formats.

The best-quality uncompressed photographs are in RAW files. These photos are suitable for modification and improvement. You may either use a competent picture editing application to fix the shot or use your imagination to make it seem professional and appealing.

Reasons for RAW Photos Corruption

Before learning how to Regain corrupt RAW photos, you must understand their causes. There are various causes of RAW photos corruption. Some of them are:

  • Storage drive virus
  • Misusing SD card ejection
  • RAW file transfer interruption
  • Unrecognizable SD cards
  • Taking pictures with a low battery
  • Clicking photographs with an almost full SD card
  • Image download interruption
  • System crashes with SD card installed

RAW photos corruption may also result from unexplained causes. After learning how RAW photos may be corrupted, let’s fix them.

View corrupt RAW photos in other photos viewer

Because your picture reader or editor cannot access RAW photographs, you may fear they are corrupted. The picture viewer cannot read RAW photographs. Open RAW photographs using other software.

RAW pictures open file with this photo viewer/editor:

  1. Photoshop
  2. Lightroom
  3. Raw Viewer
  4. Photo-paint Corel
  5. Affinity Photo2

This passage will guide you how to open RAW photographs in Windows photographs without Adobe or other third-party software:

Step 1. Find “Raw Image Extension” on Microsoft Store and install it.

Step 2. Open the unopened RAW pictures with “Photos”.

Fix Corrupt RAW Photos With File Format Change

If several RAW picture viewers won’t open them, you may convert them to different formats.

The majority of free online photo converters can convert RAW pictures to JPEG/PNG. We selected RAW picture converters:

  • Raw Adobe Camera
  • Affinity Photo
  • Capture One Pro
  • PhotoLab DX
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Raw Power

Avoid downloading converters on your PC/laptop by using these online tools:

  2. iLoveIMG
  3. CloudConvert
  4. FreeConvert

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Photo Recovery Software Can Regain Corrupt RAW Photos

Professional photo recovery software, like BLR Tools photo regain, is the best and easiest way to regain corrupt RAW photos that are damaged. You don’t have to go to the official website to get this repair software. Just click on the button below to get the free trial version of the BLR data recovery software.


To help you learn more about this picture editing program, here are some of its pros and cons:

Would I be smart to buy BLR Tools Photo Repair?


  • It works with an array of picture types and can fix broken JPEG, PNG, GIF, NRW, CR3 files.
  • No matter what, you can fix pictures that are damaged. If your RAW CR2 pictures won’t open or are damaged in some other way, BLR Tools can help.
  • Allow many storage devices to be used, like neighborhood PCs, laptops, external hard drives, internal hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and more.
  • A simple layout can make fixing photos, videos, and documents even easier and faster.
  • You can use the sample feature to check if the pictures have been fixed or not.


  • It only has a free version.
  • Only fix things that already exist.

BLR Tools comes in handy, and we’ve also made a full guide to help you use it. With BLR Tools photo recovery, you can regain corrupt RAW photos

By Following The Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open BLR Tools on your desktop. “Photo recovery” lets recover your pictures that won’t open or are missing parts, among other things. Use “Add Photos” to choose broken photos.

Step 2: Click the “Recover All” button to recover more than one shot at once. Move your mouse to the photo you want to get back and click “Recover.”

Step 3: Click the eye button to see a scanned the photos, and click “Save” to save a picture you’ve chosen. Pick “Save All” to save all the pictures that have been fixed. To find the fixed folder, click “View Repaired.”

We hope that after reading the guide, you were able to regain corrupt RAW photos by following the steps. Feel free to share this piece with other people if you think the information and BLR Tools are useful.

Bonus Tip: How to Keep RAW Photos From Corruption

If you absolutely do not want to deal with RAW photo corruption any longer, read through these helpful tips:

  1. Make regular copies of your RAW pictures before they get damaged.
  2. If your digital camera has trouble saving RAW photos, get the best SD cards.
  3. Do it the right way when you take out the SD card, whether you’re on a computer or a camera.
  4. When you use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send RAW photos to other devices, do not take out the battery.
  5. Pick a safe and dependable RAW photos reader or editor, and make sure it’s always up to date.
  6. You should change the copied RAW shots instead of the source files on the SD card.

Reduce The Noise

In both cases, getting rid of noise in the pictures can help fix damaged ones. This article will talk about two ways to do that:

✔ Utilize apps for changing pictures.

RAW pictures can have noise reduced by a number of photo editing tools. Photo editing programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and others are examples. Repairing and restoring broken shots is possible with Photoshop or Lightroom. Fix problems with grains, spots, patches, and colors. Hire a professional if you aren’t good at it.

✔ Consider using noise-canceling tools.

Additionally, noise-reduction tools can be used to fix RAW files. Professional help is needed for this, as it can’t be done by someone who isn’t skilled. Picture enhancers like Photo Ninja, Noise Reducer Pro, Neat Image, and more can be used for this purpose.

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