May 17, 2024
Recover Files When PC Freeze

Try Fastest Method to Recover Files When PC Freeze

Did you happen to be working on something when your PC shut down all of a sudden? Most likely, your PC just crashed. This is also called a system crash. There are many reasons a computer might crash, and they are all bad. Bad ones can even cause you to lose info.

How to Recover Files When PC Freeze

There is still hope, which is good news. We’re going to talk about why computers crash and how to recover files when PC freeze after one has happened. Freezing a computer prevents access to crucial files. You might also lose vital data. You need a data recovery tool to recover files if your computer crashes. Your data won’t be lost or wiped permanently. When your computer freezes, this page will help you recover text, video, and other information.

What makes your computer freeze most of the time

It’s possible that your computer is frozen because of a virus or because you can’t get to your files. It could happen because of these things:

  • Your system might crash if you have too many programs open at once.
  • This problem could be caused by a bad hard drive or main memory.
  • The Windows register doesn’t agree with each other.
  • A broken driver or an application that doesn’t work.
  • An OS update that didn’t work right.
  • A hack or virus attack.

It doesn’t matter what went wrong with your system; BLR Tools can get your files back when your computer stops.

How to Get Back Files When Your PC Freeze

BLR Tools is a good tool for recover files when PC freeze. This tool can get back lost files from any device and even if your PC freezes. It can get back data from an external storage device that you have deleted, lost, or wiped. The BLR Tools crash PC data recovery tool can do this.

Your Safe and Trustworthy Software for Recover Files When PC Freeze

  1. It is easy, safe, and full to get back pictures, audio, music, emails, and other things that you have lost or removed from any storage device.
  2. It can get data back from the trash, the hard drive, the memory card, the flash drive, the digital camera, and the video.
  3. It can get back data that was deleted by mistake, lost, formatted, damaged, or removed by a virus or when the PC crashed.

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How to Fix a Crashing Computer

If your computer crashed once and works fine, it may have been an isolated occurrence. Computer freezes and stops? Look for a deeper issue. We’ve included some solutions below for your convenience.

1: Inspect the temperature

Computers will crash when parts get too hot and stop working. This can be checked by turning on your computer and checking the hardware values with the Open Hardware Monitor tool.

Remove dust from computer fans to improve airflow. Also, putting heat paste to your CPU and GPU may assist. Desktop users may increase airflow by adding or moving fans.

2: Check the connections between the hardware

You should make sure that all of your gear pieces are securely connected. Take off the back or side panel of your laptop or computer case and make sure that all of the parts are firmly connected. This is especially important for the RAM and any storage devices.

3: Start up in safe mode

If a certain app is causing the crashes, you can remove it by starting up in Safe Mode. Additionally, Safe Mode can be utilized to carry out further diagnostic tasks and recover data from a computer that has crashed if it is not starting up normally.

To start Windows in Safe Mode, do the following:

Access the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) by using your Windows installation media or the advanced startup option in Settings to recover files when PC freeze.

  • Simply click on Troubleshoot.
  • Choose “Advanced” choices.
  • Press Startup Settings.
  • To start over, click Restart.

Go into Safe Mode by pressing 4. Pressing 5 will also take you into Safe Mode with Networking features.

You can get rid of any useless apps, updates, or drivers once you’re in Safe Mode.

4: Run System File Checker.

The reason your computer crashed might be Windows if some important system files are missing or broken. The System File Checker (SFC) tool can fix this by looking for damaged files and replacing them with a copy that works.

You can run SFC by doing these things:

Find Terminal (Admin) by right-clicking Start.

Then press ENTER after typing sfc /scannow.

5: Make sure the system volume has enough space.

Although a full system drive can slow down your computer, it can also crash if Windows doesn’t have enough free room to store temporary system or update files. Declutter your system drive by getting rid of useless files and programs. This might stop your computer from crashing.

6: Update computer drivers

It’s possible that you need to update or reload the drivers for your gear to stop the crashes.

How to get your drivers updated or get new ones if the old ones are damaged or broken:

Simply press the “Device Manager” button after right-clicking “Start.”

Right-click on the gear whose drivers you want to update and choose “Update driver.”

Simply click “Search automatically for drivers.” Instead of moving on to the next step if you couldn’t find any new drivers, use the ones that were automatically found.

  • Select the hardware part once more by right-clicking it and selecting “Uninstall device.”
  • Simply click “Uninstall.”
  • If you remove the drivers, restarting your computer will make them load again.

benefits of BLR Tools

Here are the most important things about BLR Tools to Recover Files When PC Freeze:

Full features: Get back more than 200 types of files from HDDs, USB drives, SSDs, and other storage devices, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slideshows, folders, compressed files, pictures, videos, music files, websites, and recover files when PC freeze more.

Simple file search: Use the Quick Scan and Deep Scan tools to look for as many lost or deleted files as you can. You can also quickly find specific files by using search factors like size, date, path, title, and path.

Easy file restoration: Once BLR Tools finds the files, it tells you where they were saved, what they were called, and what type they are, making it easy to find them again.

Large range of compatibility: The file systems that it works with are NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS. This means that Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server can all use it.

Can you get to things on a computer that isn’t working?

How “dead” the machine is will explain that. You can take out the hard drive and plug it to another computer as an external drive to get the files back if the drive is still working. Also, if you accidentally removed some data, you can get it back with the data recovery tool BLR Tools for Windows 10 and 11 drives. Contact a data recovery professional if the drive won’t start up or be found.

Is it possible to fix a computer that has crashed?

Needless to say. There are many reasons a computer might crash, and most of them are pretty simple to fix. But if the computer is crashing because of a problem with the drive itself, you should get the data back and get a new drive that you know is in good shape.

How do recover files when PC freeze without starting up Windows?

You can physically remove the drive from your computer, to recover files when PC freeze and connect it to another computer as an external storage device to copy the files over if you can’t get to your files by starting up Windows in Safe Mode.

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