May 17, 2024
recover deleted files from SD card without software

Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Without Software

You deleted pictures and videos from the SD card accidently, format the card wrong, or get a bug that deletes things on its own. All of these things happen a lot, and there are two good ways to recover deleted files from SD card without software:

Tips on How to Get Back Deleted Files on SD Card Without Software

You can easily recover deleted files from SD card without software if you have files on another backup disk. Here are three things you can do if you forget to make backups by hand.

Use data recovery services to get back the files on your SD card

Have you ever gone to a neighborhood data recovery lab to get back iPhone or android data that you lost? These recovery pros know how to use advanced methods to recover the data on your storage device by hand. Of course, these stores won’t be open all day, and you could lose info at any time. Because of this, BLR Tools data recovery services are very important. The techs on the BLR Tools team are available 24 hours a day, and you can get a free analysis right now!

For one-on-one hand recovery service, talk to the data recovery specialist at BLR Tools. After the free analysis, they could provide the following services:

  • Fixed a broken RAID structure, a Windows OS that won’t start, and a damaged virtual disk file
  • Find and fix lost partitions and new partitions on drives
  • Unformat the disk and fix the raw drive (if it’s a BitLocker recovery protected drive).
  • Fix files that turn into GPT-protected folders

To recover the SD card lost data, use Windows Backup and Restore

You can recover the most recent deleted SD card file with Windows file and Restore. Before you using this tool, make sure you have plugged the SD card to your PC and allowed Windows to make backups of the card.

  • Step 1: Ready computer’s Control Panel.
  • Step 2: Click “Backup and Restore” under “System and Security”
  • Step 3: Select a different backup folder to store your file. Then you can find a recent backup of the SD card and recover it. Lastly, click “Next” to begin the data recovery.

This method can help you quickly get back files that you removed forever from your SD card and hard drives. You can also tell your friends about these two methods!

Software that lets you recover deleted files from SD cards

If you haven’t made any backups, it’s hard to get back data that you removed from an SD card without software. People could hire a professional data recovery service, but it would cost a lot more than using an SD card recovery tool to get your data back.

You can look through all of your lost files for free with BLR Tools data recovery wizard. You don’t have to pay anything to get this tool unless you want to switch to the pro version.

BLR Tools Data Recovery Wizard Can Help You In Many Ways If You Use an SD Card:

Get back the info on a RAW SD card. You can still get back things from a damaged file system with BLR Tools.

  • Bring back a formatted SD card. This tool from BLR Tools can help you get back data that you lost after formatting a damaged SD card without first making a backup.
  • With the BLR Tools Data Recovery Wizard, it will be easy to recover lost photos, papers, music, emails, corrupt RAW photos and videos from an SD card.

Read this detailed guide to find things you’ve removed from your SD or memory cards.

  • Option 1: Pick the SD card to scan
  1. Get the BLR Tools Data Recovery Wizard and put it on your Windows PC.
  2. Make sure you connect your SanDisk, Lexar, or Transcend SD card to your computer the right way.
  3. Pick SD Card Recovery from the list on the left side of the BLR Tools SD card recovery program window. This is where all linked drives will show up. Pick out your SD card and click “Scan.”
  • Option 2: See what the scan showed
  1. Please wait until the scanning is done.
  2. You can choose which file types to show, such as Pictures or Videos.
  3. Click “Preview” to make sure those are the files you want.
  • Option 3: Get back the files on the SD card
  1. Click “Recover” after looking at the files that were saved.
  2. Don’t save the restored files on the original SD card. Instead, choose a different place.

In short

If you have backups, it’s not hard to recover deleted files from SD card without software. But if you don’t have backups, it will be hard to get back data without a recovery tool.

Using data recovery software greatly improves the chances of successfully getting back lost files from an SD card. Software like BLR Tools Data Recovery Wizard can look through the storage, find files that can be recovered, and put them back together using the data that is still available.

SD Card File Recovery Without Software Some Frequently Asked Questions

It is common for SD cards to lose data, especially when they are used in digital cameras. It’s simple to delete pictures by mistake by hitting the wrong button. Additional questions and answers about what we’re talking about below:

Is it possible to recover deleted files from SD card without software?

No, having software is not necessary to get back lost files:

  1. Recover files in Windows
  2. Use Windows Backup and Restore to get back.
  3. Return the folder to an earlier version

Where do SD card deleted data move?

One thing is certain: Windows PCs will not recycle SD card erased data. Deleted files are not instantly gone. Instead, the file system makes that space accessible for new data. The SD card stores erased files until fresh data overwrites them.

How can I restore permanently erased SD card data without software?

If you’ve backed up your SD card, you may recover deleted files from SD card without software.

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