May 17, 2024

Recover Corrupted OneDrive Files and Permanently Deleted Data

Microsoft’s OneDrive is a top-notch platform for hosting and storing files online. This Windows original has been helpful to users since its 2007. Recover corrupted OneDrive files download BLR data recovery tool in Windows. Read for more..

Fixing/Recover Corrupted OneDrive Files  in 2024

Nonetheless, OneDrive file corruption is a common issue, indicating that this cloud storage service is not without issues. Few users, but many, claim that OneDrive corrupts or renders their data worthless. This blog will go over the essentials and show how to recover corrupted OneDrive files with the best software BLR data recovery tool. OneDrive is a cloud-based storage platform. However, the built-in software in Windows 10 and 11 syncs your files with your computer’s Internet storage. As a result, the online version is updated alongside the offline version.

At that moment, problems begin to emerge, with consumers reporting corrupted OneDrive data. This is an example of an issue that may develop for a user in a Word document:

This type of error can corrupt files on your PC or in cloud storage. So, how can it be prevented? Or, if a OneDrive file is corrupted, can you repair it on your computer? Let us continue to research how to recover corrupted OneDrive files.

Why do OneDrive Files Become Corrupt?

There are several ways in which a OneDrive file can become corrupted. It occasionally happens when people have computer problems, such as computer viruses, malfunctioning software, or hardware issues. Simple, low-quality connections can occasionally be the culprit.

In summary, some of the reasons why OneDrive files become corrupted are:

  1. Software corruption, such as a vulnerability in Microsoft Word, can contaminate DOCX documents.
  2. Slow or unreliable internet service
  3. Problems with hardware include storage issues and hard disk failure.
  4. OneDrive is not synchronizing due to insufficient PC-to-OneDrive synchronization.

The most common reasons for damaged OneDrive files are shown below. Even though a slow internet connection or synchronization issues are the most likely culprits, a virus attack is still possible. After scanning your machine, move to the next step in an attempt to remedy this issue. Now that we’ve covered the essentials, lets Install the BLR data recovery wizard. (Free Trial Version)

File corruption in OneDrive is not an unsolvable issue; there is always a workaround. In this part, we’ll look at two options to recover corrupted OneDrive files.

Ways to Restore/Recover Corrupted OneDrive Files?

1. Perform a reset to return OneDrive to its initial state.

The first stage involves restoring the OneDrive files to their previous state. If your file was operational the previous evening but is now inoperable, you may be able to restore it by resetting it to the configuration from yesterday. Here’s how you do it:

You will be able to access your file again and restore it to a previous version. If the file becomes corrupted during this time period, the data within it is unlikely to be impacted. If this strategy does not work, move on to the next.

2. Restore a shared library

Restoring a shared library is another option. This strategy, however, is only useful if you share a SharePoint with other users via OneDrive or the Microsoft 365 suite. This will allow you to recover corrupted data from OneDrive if the first method failed. Here’s how you do it:

3. Examine the OneDrive Recycle Bin: Corrupted or destroyed files may still be recoverable from there. After connecting into your OneDrive account, open the Recycle Bin and look for any corrupted files. If you can find the files, select them and click “Restore” to return them to their original location.

4. Use OneDrive File Recovery: With the use of OneDrive’s File Restore function, users are able to retrieve data from any point in time during the last thirty days. Start the process of recovering your files by going to the “Files” section of the OneDrive website and selecting the “File Restore” option.

5. Preventive Measures: To limit the possibility of future file corruption, backup your OneDrive files on a regular basis to an external drive or another cloud storage service. To avoid disturbances during file uploads or downloads, ensure that your computer and internet connection are stable.

Create a Backup of your OneDrive files to Avoid Data Loss

OneDrive file restoration is simple under the settings, but it’s an inconvenient option that has the ability to permanently destroy your data. You should always create a backup of your OneDrive files to protect against data loss that cannot be recovered.

Some may wonder whether they need to backup their data because OneDrive is cloud storage. The answer is yes. Security risks from several sources make OneDrive files unsecure. As you can see, damaged OneDrive files may be difficult to retrieve, but they are completely deleted after this step.

Another issue with OneDrive Sync is that it can corrupt data unintentionally. However, having your own automated backup will help you relax and avoid similar circumstances in the future. You can try the best wizard BLRTools. This all-in-one backup and restore tool allows you to back up OneDrive files to any location.

  • Cloud storage for critical data backups of hard disks, applications, files, and folders
  • An enhanced security zone to protect your files from virus attacks
  • Easy to produce a system image.
  • Simple and simple setup for backup, followed by recovery

Proceed without further delay. With the characteristics described above, you should have no issue choosing BLRTools as your data protection option for your OneDrive files.

Final Words

You can use these methods to recover corrupted OneDrive files. After finished, you can download them again from the most recent backup or save point. However, keeping a backup of your OneDrive files on another device is even more important.

This is why BLRTools is one of the best options for quickly getting back from a backup. It will help you make sure that both the backup on your computer and the backup in the cloud work.

FAQs Regarding Corrupted Files on OneDrive

1. What is the cause of corrupt OneDrive files?

OneDrive requires a robust internet connection to synchronize. On the other hand, files on both ends (the cloud and the PC) are commonly corrupted if there is an interruption caused by viruses, technical issues, or the internet.

2. Can OneDrive be corrupted?

Users have occasionally reported issues with OneDrive software on their machines. Although it is feasible to reinstall the software, doing so causes the files to become incompatible with their cloud counterparts, destroying synchronization.

3. How easy is it to compromise OneDrive?

No, it is not hackable. Although there is always the possibility of your computer becoming infected with viruses or malware, cloud storage services such as OneDrive use two-factor authentication, making it exceedingly difficult to hack or exploit them.

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