March 3, 2024

OST Viewer Tool Free Download to View Outlook OST File

An Outlook OST file, also known as an Offline Outlook Data File, allows OST viewer tool free download to operate without a server connection. When Outlook is used in Cached Exchange mode, it usually creates this file.

When Outlook is configured to use an Exchange Server account, it saves the contents of your mailbox to your computer as an OST file. This file contains a synced copy of everything in your mailbox, including tasks, notes, contacts, calendar entries, and emails.

The OST file allows you to view your mailbox data even when you are not connected to the internet. Any changes you make to the data are saved locally and are automatically synchronized with the server when you reconnect to the network the following time.

Users who want to work offline without losing access to their mailbox data, or who work in locations with intermittent or non-existent internet connectivity, may find OST files incredibly useful. Please keep in mind that an OST file cannot be opened directly in Windows by Outlook. You must either convert the OST to PST or utilize OST viewer tool free download opening solution to access your email contents.

Free OST Opener and Reader

BLR Tools free OST File Viewer makes it simple to view and read the contents of OST files. It can open corrupted and orphaned OST files as well as being compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions.

The application displays the OST file folder and email contents even if no connection to the Exchange server is established.

Using the OST file reader, you can view the contents of password-protected OST files.
Open large OST files with ease and inspect all contacts, calendar entries, notes, appointments, journals, and email messages.

The Offline OST files, as well as all associated email data, are visible.

You can also view the message’s details, such as the Sent and Received dates, From and To addresses, Subjects, Mail content, Attachments, and other email header data.
When Outlook emails fail to sync with the server, immediately access and read an OST viewer tool free download.


A guide on OST viewer tool free download

  1. Install and execute BLR Tools OST to PST Converter tool.
  2. Select the OST file where you want to view the emails.
  3. In the tree view, open and load the OST file’s mailbox data.
  4. Click on the contacts, calendar, and emails to display the information.
  5. BLR Tools are viewed in Outlook OST.

Obtain important information: Even if the Outlook file or Outlook account cannot be accessed, important data may need to be restored from the OST file. By using BLR Tools free OST reader, you can browse the contents of an OST file and obtain any vital information you desire.

Check the data for accuracy: If you suspect that the OST file has been edited or hijacked, you can use the BLR Tools free OST File Viewer to check the data’s integrity.

View OST files and repair them: BLR Tools can recover and restore corrupted and orphaned OST files without requiring the original Exchange server profile that was used to configure your account. The OST file can be converted to PST and loaded into Office 365 and Exchange.

The functions of BLR Tools’ free OST viewing tool

1.View the OST file’s contents: BLR Tools Outlook OST viewer tool free download including emails, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and notes. An OST file can be saved in a variety of formats. BLR Tools can save emails from an OST file in HTML, EML, and MHT formats for a variety of purposes. Learn how to save Outlook emails to a USB drive.

2.It is not required to use Microsoft Outlook: Thanks to BLR Tools Outlook OST Viewer, you may view the contents of an OST file on any computer without installing Microsoft Outlook.

3.With this tool’s user-friendly interface: You may easily navigate and preview the contents of an OST file without any technical knowledge. BLR Tools also supports direct OST transfer to Office 365 and Live Exchange.

4.Lightweight: Because it is compact and low-resource, this tool is ideal for clients who have limited computer power and want to read or study an OST file.

5.Software compatibility: BLR Tools is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 as well as Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.


In conclusion, people who want to analyze Outlook OST files without installing Outlook can do so with the OST viewer tool free download. It boosts productivity and simplicity of use by allowing users to rapidly access and evaluate their OST data via a simple interface and free download option.

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