March 3, 2024

How can I move my OST files to Zimbra Desktop?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the manually How can I move my OST files to Zimbra desktop as well as using a BLR Tools.

Reasons for Move my OST files to Zimbra Desktop

The desktop version of Zimbra is popular among commercial enterprises. It differs from its competitors in a number of ways, including the capacity to create and share calendars, filter out spam emails, and keep file backups. OST files to Zimbra desktop features and offers faster services than Microsoft.

The BLR Tools OST to PST Converter tool is the finest solution to repair and convert Outlook OST, PST, and NST files to a variety of different file formats. It can convert OST files to a variety of file formats such as Outlook PST, Zimbra, vCard, CSV, MBOX, HTML, Gmail, and Office 365.

Errors with OST Synchronization: Users can access OST files even when they are not connected to the internet. When editing OST files, this might occasionally cause synchronization issues. This is one of the primary reasons for importing OST files into the desktop Zimbra software.

How do I manually transfer OST files to Zimbra?

The manual import of OST files to Zimbra desktop. Before importing PST data into Zimbra, users must Install BLR Tools OST converter tool.


  1. To begin, convert the OST files to PST files.
  2. Go to the Control Panel, select Mail, and then select Properties.
  3. The file locations are available in the properties panel under the data files tab.
  4. Go to the file menu in Microsoft Outlook,.
  5. Select the open and export tab, followed by the import/export tab.
  6. Then, from the Import/Export Wizard, select the export to file option.
  7. Now go to the specified path to view the PST file.

The user must then choose the PST files, click on the account name, and ensure that all of the folders and subfolders are present. The wizard will prompt you for your password after you’ve selected a location for your PST file storage. It can be incorporated into enhanced security.

Step 1: Importing PST files into Zimbra

The user must now launch the OST files to Zimbra and follow the steps outlined below.

  1. After you’ve made your PST file selection,
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. When you launch Zimbra desktop, you will notice that folders and subfolders are organized chronologically.
  4. You can also select which files to select based on your requirements.
  5. The import process has now begun.
  6. User can observe the entire procedure by accessing the log file.

After the migration is complete, a pop-up notification confirming the completion of the procedure and the existence of a preview of migrated objects will appear. The user can now freely use Zimbra desktop, including tasks, files, and contacts, using the imported data. In addition, the user can drag and drop files from his or her local Zimbra desktop to the Zimbra collaboration account.

Step 2: OST files to Zimbra Desktop

Because the manual conversion method is time-consuming and prone to technological errors, BLR Tools OST to Zimbra converter tool, which allows users to convert OST files to Zimbra desktop file formats that contain all of their calendars, to-do lists, and emails. You can select which emails to convert using the software. It repairs corrupted and encrypted data prior to conversion. The user can preview a number of OST files before converting them. Nothing has an impact on the hierarchical data structure. It is now available for download.

Follow these simple steps to import OST files into Zimbra with ease.

  1. First, launch BLR Tools, and then login in to your account.
  2. Click “Preferences” and then select “Import/Export.”
  3. Select “Import” then “Import Email” to find the OST file.
  4. Select the desired folder by clicking “Next,” then “Next” again.

Check the settings and begin the import. Zimbra will automatically import the OST file, ensuring a smooth transfer of emails and data and increasing your collaboration experience in the Zimbra environment. Enjoy the efficiency of this automated approach for a streamlined and successful communication platform.

Last but not least

Moving OST files to Zimbra Desktop is a wise decision for simpler teamwork. By employing trustworthy tools and processes, users may easily move their data to Zimbra’s feature-rich environment. By accepting this transfer, you forfeit additional chances to have a consistent and effective desktop email experience across the Zimbra network.

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