June 18, 2024
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Top 4 NAS Data Recovery Software/Tool/Wizard [2024] – BLRTools

Effectively, safely, and completely recovers lost or wiped files from NAS systems. Allows you to recover data from over 500 distinct sorts of data loss circumstances, including accidental human mistake, computer accidents, and partition loss.

Reviews of the Best NAS Recovery Tool

NAS is widely adopted by businesses to store and exchange data among workstations, even those accessible remotely. However, a variety of events, such as inadvertent deletion, an unexpected power outage, and so on, can cause data loss and corruption in NAS. This post will help you choose the best NAS data recovery software option.

This article briefly reviews the top five NAS data recovery programs. The comparison chart below shows how the five NAS data recovery programs differ. 

1.  BLRTools NAS Recovery Wizard

BLRTools NAS Recovery software offers an easy and safe solution for recovering data from Windows, Mac, Linux, USB drives, NAS servers, memory cards, and other devices. When it comes to recovering lost or deleted files from various storage media, including NAS, its advanced algorithm exceeds expectations.

Procedure for Using BLRTools to Perform NAS Data Recovery

Download the BLRTools NAS data recovery software and follow given steps to recover deleted files from your NAS device effortlessly.

Step 1: Choose NAS recovery mode.

First, open BLRTools on your computer. Then, go to the NAS and Linux settings. Click on NAS Recovery. This action will help BLRTools locate the NAS storage devices where your data vanished.

Step 2: Attach the network adapter.

Once the search is complete, BLRTools will display NAS-detectable devices under NAS Servers on your screen. Find the device where you deleted the data and click on it to continue.

Step 3: Find any NAS data.

When the specified NAS device is connected, BLRTools will automatically scan for deleted or lost data.

Step 4: Recover NAS files

After the scanning is completed, you can use BLRTools to see the files you want to restore. When the required file to be recovered is found, you can pause the scanning process.


BLRTools : Why Choose It?

With over 35 patents, BLRTools NAS data recovery software has established itself as the market’s leading data recovery solution. You may be confident that whatever recovery steps you take are virus-free and fully safe. BLRTools NAS Recovery Software is a powerful, feature-rich recovery solution that is reasonably priced and offers numerous benefits. In addition, skilled professionals provide free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.                                       

2.  BLR BitLocker NAS Recovery Tool

When hard drives are detached from NAS system, BLR BitLocker NAS Recovery stands as the ultimate solution for data recovery. It restores lost NAS data in five simple steps:


Launch it, remove disks from the NAS and connect them to a PC, and then click five times to restore your NAS data.


It is compatible with a wide range of NAS devices from QNAP, NETGEAR, Buffalo, and other manufacturers.

It makes NAS data recovery easier on both compact and large-scale NASes.

Why would someone choose BLR BitLocker NAS Recovery?

Many tools are available for working with RAID, given that it is properly configured. BLR BitLocker NAS Recovery is the only tool that streamlines and automates the entire NAS recovery process, from RAID recovery to filesystem recovery. However, only a few technologies can automatically detect RAID features.

 3.  ToolsForge NAS Data Recovery Software

The ratings clearly show that Runtime RAID Data Recovery is an excellent NAS data recovery application that is well worth purchasing.

Runtime RAID Data Recovery allows users to recover data from faulty RAID Level 0 or Level 5 arrays on NAS equipment. Furthermore, this simple wizard does not require user interaction.

Key Components

In only a few minutes, you can recover NAS devices with XFS or EXT formatting, including Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, DLink, and Iomega.
Secure read-only design.
The disk search feature is reliable.

Why Choose Runtime RAID Data Recovery?

Runtime RAID Data Recovery surpasses other NAS data recovery programs by automatically recognizing RAID parameters and performing superior file system processing.

4.   Webbyacad NAS Data Recovery Software

More clients rely on this amazing data recovery solution because it has a 98% recovery success rate.

With Webbyacad’s tailored services, you may sort, delete, fix, and recover everything. One of its most popular products is a multi-option data recovery tool. In addition to being extremely user-friendly, Webbyacad NAS data recovery makes it easy and quick to set up backups, scans, and save recoverable data.


Perform accurate file recovery after formatting, deletion, or other data loss events.
RAID, USB flash drives, optical drives, SSDs, and traditional hard disks can all have their data restored.

Why Should Webbyacad NAS Data Recovery be Your First Choice?

The most useful part of this tool is that, after a scan, all lost data will be provided to you in separate folders based on the kind of file. You may also check the condition of your hard drives and schedule automatic scans. This shows that you can watch over items without relying on the network or facing any risks. This tool is exceptionally efficient and user-friendly, making data recovery a simple task.

Last Thoughts

To avoid the risk of further data loss, use trusted data recovery software for NAS data retrieval and carefully follow the provided instructions.

With BLRTools NAS data recovery software, you may recover lost or erased data from NAS devices on your PC in the most efficient way. Unplugging the hard disks from the NAS server configuration is unnecessary. BLRTools allows you to recover data directly from your NAS server.

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NAS Data Recovery Software [2024]
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NAS Data Recovery Software [2024]
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