May 17, 2024
best NAS data recovery tool

3 Techniques for NAS Data Recovery [Best Tool Listed]

Because of its cheap cost and flexible data availability, NAS (Network-attached storage) has grown in popularity, challenging the dominance of conventional file servers among people and businesses. NAS devices, although very dependable, are susceptible to damage and data loss. If you’re in a similar position and want to recover files from your NAS server, just read this page to learn how to use NAS data recovery is defined and to receive three practical techniques to best NAS data recovery tool to NAS files recovery that are hassle-free.

What exactly is NAS Recovery?

NAS hard drives store and transport data from a central place to various computers and devices on an approved network. Data recovery for NAS is the process of recovering damaged or lost files from network attached storage (NAS) devices.

NAS data is prone to a variety of data loss situations, including accidental deletion while sharing between devices, partitioning, formatting errors, virus infection, mechanical faults, and more. As a consequence, NAS data recovery is necessary to recover lost data saved on NAS.

The Best NAS Data Recovery Software

Sometimes, specialized software can be used to look at the NAS disk and restore files that have been removed. What is the best NAS data recovery tool? In the section that follows, we will offer the best NAS data recovery software, from which you may choose the one that best meets your needs.


1. BLR Tools Data Recovery for Windows

There is no need to pull the disk from the NAS; BLR programs NAS Data Recovery is one of the finest programs for retrieving deleted, lost, formatted, and damaged contents from RAID NAS hard drives. It can recover data from internal Windows drives, SD cards, USB flash disks, HDDs, SSDs, and other storage media. As well as NAS equipment of almost every manufacturer.

Useful features of BLR Tools NAS Data Recovery software:

  1. Support data recovery from a variety of logically damaged or failed NAS storage devices, including Synology, Western Digital, Buffalo, QNAP, ASUSTOR, Thecus, Seagate Black Armor, and others.
  2. Recover deleted data from NAS without removing the disk
    Easily recover numerous types of data on NAS, including documents, photographs, movies, audios, and archives.
    Supports NAS recovery with btrfs/ext4/xfs/bfs file systems.
    High recovery rate at a favorable pricing.
  • Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista
  • EXT4, BTRFS, XFS, and BFS are the supported NAS file systems.

Cost: $39 (free trial)

How Can BLR Tools Help You Recover Data From NAS Storage?

You can get BLR Tools Data Recovery for Windows, put it on your PC, and then use it.

  • Navigate to NAS Recovery > Choose the NAS server from which you wish to recover data > Click Scan. BLR Tools NAS recovery 01
  • Enable the SSH service, then examine and memorize the port on the NAS server before clicking the Next button. To activate SSH, follow the four guidelines shown on the right pane. BLR Tools: NAS Recovery 02
  • To remotely connect to the NAS server, enter your username and password and click Connect Now. BLR Tools :NAS Recovery 03
  • BLR Tools NAS Data Recovery will first connect to your NAS and begin scanning it. As soon as the NAS scanning is done, all the recovered files on your NAS drive will be shown. To discover the desired NAS files, use file filters or a search bar. BLR Tools as a best NAS data recovery tool win01

To regain your lost data from NAS, choose the desired objects  and click Recover. BLR Tools Data Recovery for Windows 02

NAS.Data-Recovery.Software File Recovery

Recovering data from NAS.Data-Recovery.Software It is also possible to restore data from RAID arrays, multi-disk NAS systems, hard drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and other similar devices with the assistance of File Recovery. This program places a greater emphasis on its functionality, yet having an incredibly simple user interface.

A big plus for people who aren’t very good with technology is that it has simple recovery steps.

  • Versions of Windows 10/8/7/XP are compatible.
  • NAS can work with the file systems EXT4, BTRFS, and XFS.
  • Getting back things that were deleted

Runtime Recovery of RAID Data

Runtime RAID levels data recovery is the third program that should be suggested. The company is dedicated to rescuing files that have been lost or are inaccessible from almost every data loss calamity that can be imagined. Runtime will examine your disks and automatically identify the necessary settings, in contrast to other solutions that need the RAID specifications in order to recover data from NAS devices with the help of best NAS data recovery tool.

  • Windows 10/8/7 are compatible with this.
  • The file systems that NAS can read are EXT4 and XFS.

The price is $99

  • Recovery of data from runtime raids

Data Recovery for Stellar RAID Networks

Stellar RAID Data Recovery is yet another useful tool for recovering data from solid-state drives (NAS). It has the ability to retrieve data from RAID-based NAS devices that are in RAID 0, 5, and 6 configurations. Additionally, it is created with highly configurable searches, a large file-type library, and deep scan capabilities. Stellar continues to maintain its popularity as one of the few tools that can quickly recover data that have been lost.

  • Versions of Windows 11/10/8/7 are compatible.
  • This file system works with NAS devices and supports EXT4.

The price range begins at $199.

What Are the Steps to Recover Data from a NAS?

It is imperative that we bring up backup while discussing the free way of recovering data from a NAS. It is always suggested to generate a backup in situ, even in NAS storage devices. This is a point that should be repeated since it is an essential one. Maintaining regular backups helps to reduce the likelihood of losing data on a network-attached storage device (NAS), which in turn makes the process of recovering lost data much simpler. Therefore, if you have a backup of your NAS data that was created before it was lost, you will be able to restore your NAS data in a matter of minutes without any difficulty or restriction.

Then, how do you back up the data on the NAS? You can quickly move the data on your NAS to external hard drives, or you can use a good backup program to make a copy of the data. A backup of the network attached storage (NAS) to cloud platforms is another viable option. Here, we will provide a concise explanation of how to back up data from a NAS to Google Drive.

  • Synology cloud sync backup NAS data 01 is available for download, installation, and opening.
  • Click the “+” button, then choose Google Drive, and then click the “Next” button. You should then log in to your account.backup of the NAS data.
  • Click the Next button once you have set the Local path and selected “Download remote changes only.”
  • This will start to sync the data on your network connected storage (NAS) with Google Drive, and it will be backed up properly.

A Few Closing Remarks

This is not always the case, despite the fact that many people have the misconception. That incidents involving NAS data loss are difficult to manage. It is possible that you may be able to recover lost files from NAS storage with relative simplicity if you choose one of the best NAS data recovery tool on this page. BLR Tools Data Recovery for Windows, which is compatible with all NAS suppliers, media formats, and Windows operating systems, will be our top recommendation among these software programs. If the data recovery software for your NAS is unable to fulfill your requirements, you may also want to consider using a backup or data recovery service.

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