May 17, 2024
move windows boot partition to a new drive

Tutorial – Transferring Windows Boot Partition to a New Drive

Why Do You Want to Move the Boot Partition to a New Drive?

Most users want to move windows boot partition to a new drive in the first two circumstances.

First Case: Occupy more space. You may move the boot system partition to a larger or smaller disk to provide more free space or to get faster performance.

Second Case: Resolve the boot failure caused by the hard disk error. As seen by the example below, if the hard drive or computer has a disc problem or some bad sectors. The Windows system may not be able to start up and run properly. The workaround in this case is to move the Windows boot partition to a different hard disk without requiring an OS reinstallation.

Is it possible to move the Windows 10 or Windows 7 boot partition to an other drive in the event that the system disk fails? If the system hard disk is broken or has faults on it, the Windows operating system may not be able to boot up or run properly. As a result, you may no longer be able to use your computer.

Then, how can we fix this? The suggested course of action is to move windows boot partition to a new drive. But how? What will you do if your Windows 10/8/7 computer keeps booting up and shutting down because of a disk issue?

move windows boot partition to a new drive

During Windows 10 boot partition?

In two circumstances, you may wish to migrate boot partition to another disk.

☞ 1: Boost PC performance: Move Windows 10 boot partition to SSD for quicker speed. Consider the following scenario:

“I want to clone the boot partition (C:) of an HDD with 3 partitions (Docs, etc.) to an SSD drive that will be my boot drive with all my programs. This should speed up my PC. The SDD is 96GB and the C:/partition is 98GB, however only 40GB is utilized, so plenty of room. I’ve only found software to clone HDDs, not partitions.”

☞ 2: Extend partition. Partition C running out of space might delay your PC and generate a low disk space warning. You initially think about expanding partition to tackle the issue. You must shift an unallocated partition beneath the to-be-managed partition if there is no spare space. Consider the following scenario:

“My C drive is running out of space and causing issues. My hard disk contains 300 GB of unallocated space and 90 GB on the C sector. I can enlarge the C volume, but it’s nowhere near unallocated space. Can the volume be moved adjacent to unallocated space to enlarge it, or vice versa?”

The Greatest Tool for Transferring the Boot Drive to a New Drive

You may relocate and transfer the Windows system boot partition to a new SSD or hard drive “transfer boot drive data to a new drive” in a number of ways. Here, I would like to suggest that you use the BLR Tools disk copy disk copying software.

It can assist you with partitioning, cloning, and moving your operating system from a hard drive to an SSD. Also it may assist you with backup and recovery drives and with upgrading to a bigger disk without having to reinstall Windows. It may also be used to enlarge your partition during cloning and replace a laptop’s hard disk without erasing any data.

To move windows boot partition to a new drive without having to reinstall Windows or restart the computer, you may download this application for free. Next, turn on BLR Tools Disk Copy to ensure a seamless copying procedure. Hope it’s helpful for you!

Method for Transferring the Windows Boot Partition to an Other Drive Without Reinstalling

The Windows boot and system partitions (including the system reserved partition) must be copied and cloned to the new disc before you can begin moving the Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 boot partition. Keep this in mind.

You should clone the whole disk, not just the C drive, since the boot partition and system partition may be divided. This will guarantee that the cloned system can be launched.

You May Transfer Your Windows Boot Partition to a Different Disk by Following These Steps:

Step 1: On your computer, download, install, and launch BLRTools Disk Copy.

Choose the hard disc that you want to replicate or clone by clicking “Disk Mode”. Press “Next” to proceed.

Step 2: Choose the destination disk.

Note: If you want to replicate or clone the source hard disk, the destination disc has to be at least as large as the source disc, if not bigger.

Step 3: Verify and modify the disk layout.

Don’t forget to check the option if the target is an SSD drive if that’s where your destination disc is.

Step 4: If the programme requests that data be erased from the destination disk, click “OK” to confirm.

Step 5: To begin the process of cloning a hard disk, click “Proceed”.

To sum up

That’s all about move windows boot partition to a new drive. When you encounter any of the situations, maintain your composure. BLRTools disk Copy can let you move the Windows 10 boot partition to a new disk with ease. Using the application, you may also clone a hard drive to a new computer, update a laptop’s HDD or SSD, and do other tasks.

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FAQs about – Moving Windows Boot Partition to New Drive

Many people questioned these questions after cloning the boot partition. If you experience similar issues, check here.

1. How do I boot a new SSD?

Booting a fresh SSD:

  • Step 1. Enter BIOS by long-pressing F2 during pc restart.
  • Step 2. Change BIOS boot order to boot the cloned SSD.
  • Step 3. Press Enter. Booting from the SSD should work now.

3. How do I migrate HDD data to SSD?

  • Solution 1. Copy and paste HDD files to SSD manually.
  • Solution 2. Use BLRTools to clone HDD to SSD.

4. How to migrate boot partition to new disk?

  • Step 1. Install and execute BLR Tools Disk Copy on your PC.
  • Step 2. Choose the target disk.
  • Step 3. Click OK if the application asks to wipe destination disk data.
  • Step 4. Review and adjust disk layout.
  • Step 5. Click Proceed to clone the hard disk.

Reason Why You Choose BLR Tools:

  1. It supports several hard disks.
  2. It can clone and move a partition to a new disk and bypass faults and damaged sectors.
  3. This program can clone a drive and make a bootable CD/DVD/USB independent of operating system.
  4. It enables you move OS to a new hard disk without reinstalling OS and apps.
  5. You can clone a hard disk with faulty sectors sector-by-sector.

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