March 3, 2024

Step by Step How to Migrate OST to MBOX

In this blog, We will walk you step by step how to migrate OST to MBOX using the powerful BLR Tools for OST converter tool.

Step-by-Step tutorial to help you Migrate OST to MBOX :

Allow migrate OST to MBOX converter tool with these steps before going into the comprehensive guidelines:

  1. OST files, whether damaged or not, are migrated to MBOX.
  2. OST files for email clients like Thunderbird others are migrated to MBOX files.
  3. Migrate OST files of any size, even the largest, without interruption.
  4. To define the desired parameters for the conversion process, use the filter option.
  5. Use the snapshot feature to save your work and return to it later.


  • When you initially run the tool, click the Browse button in the “Source File Selection” dialogue box.
  • After, click the Open button.
  • After selecting the OST file, press the Next button.
  • You can find out everything you need to know about the treatment right here. Then click the “Finish” button.
  • Using the preview functionality, you can see the internal contents of a file object.
  • Allows you to choose whether or not to migrate a specific file.
  • Click the Save button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • We must select the OST converter tool MBOX file as the saving option because we wish to migrate. To proceed, click Next.

In this steps, apply the necessary filters, making care to tweak them to your needs before clicking Next.

  1. Choose an email client and a location for your file.
  2. If desired, you can remove the deleted items by selecting the corresponding checkbox.
  3. Select “Finish” at the bottom to move forward.
  4. After migrate OST to MBOX, click OK to proceed.

Keep in mind:

The BLR Tools migrate OST to MBOX to save a duplicate of your most recent work locally in order to keep track of your progress. All you have to do is click the “Save Snapshot” button and then perform the following actions.

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