May 17, 2024

Lost Windows File Recovery – Guide to Restore Data from Windows

Digital data has become an essential component of daily life. We save our most essential data on computers, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, and other storage devices. However, we may mistakenly delete files or lose data on these storage devices due to issues that we have not yet identified. The primary topic of this BLR data recovery wizard article is how to recover irreversibly erased data on a PC, with lost windows file recovery.

What To Do If A File Becomes Missing Or Deleted From Your Computer

Windows will relocate deleted files to the Recycle Bin and mark them as destroyed. If necessary in this situation, you can recover the erased files straight from the Recycle Bin. You will lose Windows file recovery on your computer if you permanently remove files or clear the deleted files from the Recycle Bin. However, unless more files are stored in the same spot, the files are still present on the hard disk. For this reason, we can use a specialized Recycle Bin wizard like BLRTools.

On the other hand, files that you permanently erase and fail to retrieve in a timely manner may be overwritten, in which case no data recovery software will be able to retrieve them. If you accidentally delete a file or folder in Windows, you can get it back from copies, the Recycle Bin, or even the empty Recycle Bin if you have the right software. To learn how to get back deleted files on a PC, please follow the steps below.

How to Get Your PC’s Lost Windows File Recovery

Recycle Bin may be used to easily recover data if you move or remove files into it without clearing it. In order to retrieve your deleted files, please go to the next steps.

  1. Launch the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop.
  2. Decide which file needs to be recovered.
  3. Use the context menu to select Restore by right-clicking the file.
  4. On the upper left, you have the option to Restore the selected items as well.

You can opt to restore earlier versions of Windows if you have enabled System Restore with lost Windows file recovery. You can easily restore to a saved version on your PC using the Restore Prior Versions tool. With the following procedures, you can utilize it to restore data that was inadvertently erased.

  1. To launch File Explorer, press Windows + E.
  2. Locate the misplaced file or folder inside the folder.
  3. Select Restore earlier versions by doing a right-click on it.
  4. Click the restore button after selecting a version that has the files you want.

File History can also be used to recover files or directories from earlier iterations. However, unless you explicitly access the File History beforehand, there won’t be a previous version available.

Utilize BLR Data Recovery Software for Lost Windows File Recovery

To recover files that you have permanently erased or emptied the Recycle Bin, you must use third-party data recovery software. A decent option is BLR data recovery tool. The greatest free data recovery program for Windows is this one, which works with a variety of file systems and operating systems.

You can restore up to 1 GB of files and determine whether the drive has the files you require using its free edition. Additionally, you have the ability to scan files from designated locations such as the desktop, Recycle Bin, or specified folders. This software also allows you to set scan parameters before to the scan or use filter features to minimize distracting options. These are all effective designs that save time. Why not give it a shot?


  1. Click the button below to download and install BLRTools.
  2. Once the software is launched, go to the Scan Settings page and set the file system and kinds that you want scanned.
  3. To save the modifications and return to this PC’s interface,
  4. click OK.
  5. Choose the partition to scan that has the files you desire.
  6. Please wait while the scan is complete.
  7. To guarantee the finest data recovery outcomes, please be patient as it may take a few minutes.
  8. Locate and pick the files you want.
  9. Select the “Save” option.
  10. Click OK after choosing a save location.

Advice: Use the Devices tab to scan the entire drive if you are unsure of the exact location of the file.

Mac Deleted File Recovery: Recover Trash Data

If you haven’t cleared your Mac Trash, you can first restore your data from there if you discover that you have erased files from the desktop, folders, or other locations.

  • Let the trash out.
  • Locate the file you want and right-click on it.
  • From the context menu, choose Put Back.
  • The original location of the file will be restored.
  • You can drag the old path out of the Trash straight if it no longer exists.

Use BLRTools Data Recovery Wizard for Mac and Windows

You can recover lost files on a Mac computer running Mac OS X with BLRTools. Also, you can use BLRTools for Mac instead, which is a better option. You need to get BLRTools Data Recovery for Mac. Launch the program and select the desired file formats. You can either manually choose the file type or activate Recover Everything to accomplish this. Choose the drive that has the Mac files that have been erased. Press the Scan button located in the lower right corner. Watch for the completion of the scan. Look through the information and pick the files you require. Documents, images, and other kinds of data are retrievable. Select the file path by clicking the Recover button. Confirm by clicking the Save button, then the lost Windows file recovery process is finished.

In Other Situations, Get Your Deleted Files Back

Apart from erasing or losing files on a PC, similar issues can also arise with other storage devices. We will quickly go over how to recover files: in this section.

  1. External drives
  2. USB memory sticks
  3. Devices with Android memory cards

How to Use BLR to Recover Deleted Files from Other Devices

  1. Retrieve information from external hard disks.
  2. Link the PC to the external hard disk.
  3. To recover your deleted files from your external hard drive,
  4. Lost Windows file recovery for USB flash devices. Attach the USB to the computer.
  5. To recover deleted or lost files from your flash drive, open the recovery software.
  6. You can retrieve information stored on memory cards.
  7. Get out your card reader and pop in the SD card.
  8. Link your PC to the card reader.
  9. Scan it with the software to find any deleted data.
  10. I lost windows file recovery following a malware attack.

Data recovery wizards can help you get back files that were accidentally deleted or erased due to a virus, and they can also restore files that have been deleted permanently.

Advice: To recover your data if a virus assault prevents your PC from starting, use BLR data with a snap-in WinPE Bootable Media.

In Summary

When using computers daily, lost or deleted data is a regular issue. You should immediately save your data to prevent overwriting. With the correct data recovery tool, even a novice may learn how to recover deleted files from PCs and other devices.

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