July 24, 2024

How can I Import OST to MBOX Files with Attachments

In this blog, Let us now How can I Import OST to MBOX files with attachments in greater depth.

Why is it necessary to import OST to MBOX files with Attachments?

Each part of information in Microsoft Outlook is stored in an OST file format. It is not possible to view the files included within an OST email unless it is first imported into another file format. The majority of Outlook users must import OST to MBOX files in order to migrate all of their emails to Thunderbird. Using this website, you may find practical and safe techniques for importing OST to MBOX.

You have several options, including the manual method and the more complicated method, which requires using the BLR Tools OST converter tool.

Over thirty email programs import OST to MBOX file format. Notifications, Calendars, Contacts, Emails, and so on. These various elements can be saved in MBOX files. The OST folder may need to be imported into Thunderbird from time to time. Apple Mail, for example, only supports the MBOX file format. As a result, we must import the OST file to MBOX format. Among the other reasons for importing emails from Outlook OST to MBOX are : to safeguard data in the event that Exchange Server and Outlook fail inadvertently.

  1. When a user wants to import from Thunderbird to Outlook as their email client.
  2. when a person changes their workplace and career profile.
  3. OST files cannot be opened until they are imported to PST format.
  4. In terms of features, Mozilla Thunderbird is considerably superior to Microsoft Outlook.
  5. People may require OST to MBOX email conversion for a variety of reasons.

Let’s now look at how to transfer every email from an OST file to an MBOX.

Method 1: How Can I OST to MBOX Files with Attachments

It takes several steps to manually import BLR Tools OST to MBOX format. First, OST files must be imported to PST files. Following that, you must import the PST files into MBOX files in order to open them.

Import OST files to PST with Outlook.

Import the PST file into MBOX from Thunderbird.

Let’s go over the two different approaches for importing OST files to PST.


Step 1: Save OST emails to a PST file. Using the Export/Import Utility

  1. Outlook should be installed on your computer or system.
  2. After selecting the File option, go to the Open & Export menu.
  3. Select Import/Export now to import the OST file.
  4. Select the option to export to a file from the menu and then press the Next button.
  5. After choosing an Outlook Data File (.pst), press the Next button.
  6. After you’ve chosen the folder to which the data will be exported, click Next.
  7. Then, select the Browse option to find the exact location of the exported file.
  8. After selecting the file, click the Open button.
  9. Select the alternate choice and press the Finish button.

This is one method of import OST to MBOX using Outlook’s Import/Export feature. If you are having problems with the preceding approach, you can alternatively use the following way to save OST files in MBOX format.

Method 2: Import OST to PST using the Archiving Method

When the archiving option is enabled, Outlook emails from OST files are kept in a separate PST file. However, keeping the previous mailbox’s contents in the archive folder also helps to maintain the mailbox size within a reasonable range.

  1. Install the BLR Tools OST to MBOX converter tool program on your PC.
  2. After you’ve selected the File tab, click the Options tab.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab to access the Auto Archive options.
  4. Next, specify how long you want Auto-Archiving to keep the archived file.
  5. Choose a folder and provide archiving options. Then click “OK.”

Step 2: Import the PST file into MBOX with Thunderbird.

  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your system.
  2. Click the Thunderbird menu symbol to enter the Tools menu.
  3. Now, pick the Import tab to import the Outlook PST file. After that, choose the Mail items and press the Next button.
  4. Choose Outlook as the file type, then click Next.
  5. Finally, the import of your PST file went smoothly. Choose the Finish option.

As you can see, all OST files were imported by hand to MBOX format. Customers look for alternate ways to import OST files to MBOX, therefore the manual technique has limitations. Let’s go over a couple more constraints manually.

The Manual Approach Has Some Drawbacks

  1. The user cannot import OST to MBOX immediately because the process is time-consuming and lengthy.
  2. Manual techniques necessitate technical knowledge on the part of the user. Non-technical people may struggle to grasp it otherwise.
  3. When using this manual method, there is a considerable chance that data loss will occur due to internal defects, viruses, and failed connections.
  4. To avoid such problems, we propose using an alternate technique to import the OST file to MBOX file type.
  5. IT professionals highly suggest it, and the solution is entirely dependable.
  6. Continue reading to discover more about the advanced way for importing all of your OST files into Thunderbird simultaneously.

Overall Conclusion

As a benefit, this program is well-known for its effectiveness and efficiency. Using this software, users can import OST files to MSG and a variety of other formats, such as PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, CSV, and others. OST files are also transferred to systems including Office 365, Gmail, Thunderbird, Amazon WorkMail, and others. Furthermore, it is compatible with every version of Windows. Let’s look at the specific steps for import OST to MBOX.

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Import OST to MBOX Files with Attachments
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Import OST to MBOX Files with Attachments
In this blog, The best way to import OST to MBOX files with attachments by learning how to import OST to MBOX as simply as possible.

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