April 18, 2024

Import OST Files into Gmail and other Webmail

Do you wish to learn how to import an OST files into Gmail? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot since the best and most reliable approach to help you move successfully will be detailed in the section that follows. Using the OST to PST converter tool, upload the file to Gmail. Using this procedure, users can transfer OST to Google Account and other Webmail.

Transfer OST Files into Gmail and other Webmail

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known and widely used email tool for sending and receiving emails. It also provides customers with instructions for synchronizing with Exchange Server. When a user OST files into Gmail, Microsoft Outlook saves all of their data in.ost files. It contains exact clones of all the data items on the server. It also makes working with Exchange Server offline easier.

To put it another way, OST ensures that Exchange server data is available offline. The same is true for different types of data files.OST files are also prone to corruption. As a result, many people must migrate from OST to Google Account. It is also true that Gmail has regularly proven to be a watershed moment in email software. As a result, we will focus on the cases that compel clients to use the OST to PST converter tool to migrate their OST files into Gmail in this article.

The OST folder must be moved to Gmail because, as a browser-based email client, Gmail allows users to access their accounts from anywhere in the globe, on any device. It is true that opening an OST file on a system other than the one on which it was configured can be difficult. Access to OST files also demands adequate Exchange Server connectivity. Convert an OST file to a PST file and move it to Gmail using the BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool.

Convert OST to PST converter using these steps:

  1. Download and run the OST files into Gmail Tool on any Windows operating system.
  2. Select File/Folder and add OST files using the Add File, Add Folder, or Load Outlook Profile options.
  3. On the tool’s left pane, the software will list every folder containing an OST file, along with checkboxes.
  4. By checking the necessary boxes and converting specific OST files to Gmail, you can select them.
  5. Select Gmail from the list of supported formats by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the Saving Options button.
  6. To import OST emails, enter your Gmail login details. Concurrently, pick other options such as Disregard System Folder Hierarchy.
  7. Use Advance Mode, Switch Language, Copy to Default Folders, and Generate a Log for Unconverted Messages based on necessity.
  8. Click the Convert button to begin converting the OST file to Gmail.
  9. When the procedure is finished, the message “Conversion Done Successfully” will appear on the screen.

This technique is used when a user wants to move all of their mailbox contents, including calendars, tasks, notes, and emails, from an OST files into Gmail using a PST file format. The auto-archive technique is a solution that allows users to choose the number of days following an event that must be backed up. Follow the instructions below to archive an.ost file.

  • Start Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select Options from the Tools menu.
  • Click OK after selecting Auto-Archive.
  • Execute each Auto-Archive post option and provide the time frame in days.
  • Additionally, select the save location for the Auto-Archive file and click OK.

Please keep in mind that contacts from OST files cannot be preserved using the Archive feature.



Methods for Importing OST into a Google Account

Method 1: use the OST to Gmail tool directly.

OST to Gmail is one of the best and safest applications for instantly transferring OST files into Gmail account. Because of the application’s straightforward interface and self-explanatory operational actions, both home and corporate users can easily import OST emails with attachments into Gmail. Install the OST Converter free demo version on any Windows PC to import the first 25 OST files to Gmail.

Method 2: Export OST Mail Files

All Outlook.ost items can be easily and quickly transferred to Gmail using Microsoft Outlook’s Export function. With this choice, it’s possible to transfer calendars and contacts in .csv and .xls file formats. Nevertheless, it’s not commonly employed due to the absence of data security assurance when migrating OST files to Google Accounts.

Method 3: Move Objects to a New Outlook Data File

The contents of an OST mailbox can be transferred to Gmail. Before proceeding, it’s essential to create an Outlook PST file. Then, utilize the drag and drop technique to transfer the OST data to the newly formed PST folder. Please note that this import method doesn’t support default OST file folders like inbox, notes, contacts, etc., when transferring to Gmail.

Method #4: Simple Resolution

None of the above-mentioned manually solved procedures guarantee the accuracy of the OST file after migration. As a result, default OST directories cannot be relocated. As a result, thanks to OST Converter, users can more simply migrate from.ost to.pst. Because of the way the tool is designed, conversion does not necessitate access to Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Furthermore, both before and after the OST file is converted to a PST file, precise data integrity is preserved. Even better, the BLR Tools  makes it simple to import exported OST files into Gmail.

Importing an OST file into Gmail

Aside from the BLR Tools, there is no simple way to import OST to a Google Account. OST to PST converter tool is an abbreviation for Microsoft Outlook Google Apps Migration. Outlook folders can be imported into Gmail. Here are the steps for migrating an OST to Gmail or Google Apps.

  1. Begin by downloading and running the BLR Tools from the Google website.
  2. Log in to Google Apps to begin the export process.
  3. Choose PST file and Migrate All to import an OST files into Gmail.
  4. Select them to import the appropriate data items from the OST folder into your Google Account.
  5. Select the Migrate option to begin transferring your OST files to Gmail.

When the process is completed, importing OST files into Google Apps ensures that you can effortlessly retrieve all your Outlook folder data while maintaining its quality. 

To Summarize:

Gmail is the most important communication tool available in the current world. When using any other email application, users periodically encounter several issues and seek methods to assist them in migrating from OST files into Gmail. In addition, we addressed a number of simple and effective methods for exporting OST files to Google Apps accounts in the preceding section.

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