June 18, 2024

How to convert OST to Exchange Server?

The goal of this post is to provide you with effective strategies for converting OST to Exchange Server using the OST to PST Conversion Tool.

MS Exchange Server is a multifaceted email application specifically developed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. Many firms that extensively depend on MS Outlook frequently require convert OST to Exchange ServerĀ for diverse causes.

An OST file is an automatically created file that operates smoothly in offline mode, having identical data to that which is present on the Exchange Server. Once a connection to the server is established, it synchronizes with the Exchange mailbox.

Advantages of converting OST to Exchange Server

Several factors influence the process of converting OST to Exchange Server, all customized to fulfill the specific needs of individuals or organizations.

  1. Common motives for converting an Offline Storage Table (OST) to Live Exchange encompass
  2. When the synchronization between the OST file and the Exchange Server becomes disrupted
  3. When your server experiences a failure, resulting in the OST files becoming orphaned.
  4. The system experienced an abrupt shutdown caused by a power failure, resulting in the corruption of the OST file.
  5. Consequently, data recovery from the corrupted OST file is necessary.


Transfer OST data to Live Exchange

The Webbyacad OST to PST converter tool is a highly adaptable program designed to effortlessly transfer data from OST files to multiple platforms, such as PST, Office 365, MSG, and Live Exchange. This tool enables seamless migration of an OST file to the Exchange Server. Now, let’s explore the operational capabilities of this software for migrating OST files to Live Exchange.

  1. Provide the necessary information for Live Exchange, including a Login ID, Server Address, and Port Number.
  2. Afterward, choose your preferred saving options and proceed by clicking Finish.
  3. The software will initiate the transfer of data to Live Exchange, and you will be able to observe the progress on the screen.
  4. Upon completion, a notification will be displayed on the screen indicating that the data has been stored.
  5. Click the “Ok” button to terminate the process.
  6. That concludes everything! The OST file has been sent to Live Exchange.

Concluding Remarks

Transferring an convert OST to Exchange Server is a crucial undertaking necessary in multiple situations. This article will examine the advantages and intricacies of the software, providing a detailed walkthrough to assist you in becoming proficient in this crucial procedure.

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