May 17, 2024

How can I Record My Screen on Windows 10 for PC & Laptops?

As a Windows 10 user, you likely find yourself needing to record your screen from time to time. Whether for work, play or to capture a critical moment, screen recording is an essential tool to have in your digital toolkit. The good news is Windows 10 offers a built-in screen recorder that is simple to use and produces high-quality results.

In just a few clicks, how can I record my screen on Windows 10 for pc & laptops and capturing exactly what you need. No extra software to download or configure. In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to record your screen in Windows 10 so you can use this handy feature with confidence whenever the need arises.

Activate the Built-in My Screen Record on Windows 10 for PC & Laptops

To utilize the built-in screen recording tool in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Open the Xbox Game Bar app. You can find this by searching for ‘Xbox Game Bar’ or ‘recording’ in the taskbar search box.

Click the capture button which looks like a simple screen recorder icon to begin recording your screen. Alternatively, you can start recording by pressing the Windows key + Alt + R.

A recording icon will appear in the top right corner of your screen indicating that recording has commenced. At this point, the Game Bar will capture footage of all on-screen activity including mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, and audio.

To end your recording, open the Xbox Game Bar again and select ‘Stop recording’ or press the Windows key + Alt + R. Your screen recording will automatically save to your Videos folder which you can access by opening File Explorer and selecting Videos under ‘This PC’.

You have the option to trim, edit or enhance your recording using the Xbox Game Bar video editor before sharing it. You can also change the video format and resolution in the Xbox settings menu.

It is important to note that while using the built-in Windows screen recorder is free and convenient, the video files can become quite large. You may want to consider an alternative third-party tool if you plan to capture longer recordings or need more advanced features. However, for short and simple screen recordings to demonstrate a task or share what’s on your screen, the Xbox Game Bar recorder is an ideal way to get started.

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Adjust the Recording Settings

To ensure you capture exactly what you intend, you’ll want to adjust the screen recording settings in Windows 10. There are a few options you can customize:

  • Choose either your full screen, a specific window, or a custom area of the screen to record. For example, if you only want to capture a browser window, select the “Record selected window” option.
  • Adjust the microphone settings. You can choose to record audio from your microphone, system sounds only (like music playing), both, or no audio. Toggle the options to suit your needs.
  • Select a file location to save your recording. You can save to your videos folder, documents, desktop or choose a custom location. For easy access, save to your OneDrive or a designated screen recordings folder.
  • Determine video quality. You can choose either 1080p, 720p or lower resolution. Higher resolution provides better quality but larger file sizes. Select based on how you intend to use the video.
  • Set a timer to automatically stop recording after a certain number of minutes. This ensures your video does not become too long. You can always start a new recording if needed.
  • Test your settings. It is a good idea to do a short test recording to ensure your settings are optimized and the video and audio quality are as intended before recording your actual screen content.

By customizing these options to your particular requirements, you’ll be able to record exactly what you need and nothing more. With the right settings dialed in, how can I record my screen on Windows 10 for pc & laptops is quick and easy. Now get out there and capture your digital content!

Start Recording Your Screen

To start recording your screen on Windows 10, follow these steps:

Open the Xbox Game Bar app

The Xbox Game Bar app has a built-in screen recording feature. Press the Windows key + G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar. You can also open the Xbox Game Bar app from the Start menu.

Start recording

Click the “Start Recording” button or press Windows key + Alt + R to begin recording your screen. A timer will appear in the upper right corner of your screen indicating that recording has started.

Select an audio source

By default, the screen recording will capture audio from your PC’s microphone. You can change the audio source by clicking the “Audio” dropdown. Options include capturing audio from your microphone, PC speakers, or disabling audio capture.

Stop recording

When you are finished recording, open the Xbox Game Bar again and click “Stop Recording” or press the Windows key + Alt + R. Your screen recording will be automatically saved to your Videos folder under the file name “Screen Recording”. You can change the save location in the Xbox Game Bar settings.

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Trim or edit your recording (optional)

If needed, you can edit or trim your screen recording using the “Photos” app that comes pre-installed on Windows 10. Open the “Screen Recording” video file, select “Edit & Create” > “Trim” to remove any unnecessary parts from the beginning or end of your video. You can also apply filters, add text, transitions and more.

Following these straightforward steps will allow you to create basic how can I record my screen on Windows 10 for pc & laptops to share online or with others. Let me know if you have any other questions!


In the end, How can I Record My Screen on Window is an easy process that anyone can master. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll be creating high-quality screen capture videos and sharing them with others in no time. The built-in Xbox Game Bar provides a straightforward tool for basic screen recording needs without requiring any third-party software.

For more advanced options, free open-source programs offer additional features to get the job done. With a little practice, recording your screen on Windows 10 can become second nature and help you communicate ideas, demonstrate how to do tasks, and capture memorable moments to enjoy for years to come. The possibilities are endless.

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