May 17, 2024

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from OneDrive on Windows

This post provides numerous strategies to choose best formatted OneDrive recovery wizard for rescuing entirely lost data from OneDrive. File recovery alternatives include using a local hard drive or the OneDrive Recycle Bin. Using these strategies should begin as soon as you notice that your data have vanished. These technologies support a variety of file types, including documents, photos, audio files, and videos.

Understanding : Formatted OneDrive Recovery Wizard


If you have storage on digital media, you face the risk of losing important files due to unanticipated occurrences, such as data loss or accidental deletion. Having access to a reliable formatted OneDrive recovery wizard method is essential in the event that difficulties such as these occur. One of the tools that is gaining more and more popular is the BLR data recovery wizard. Let us have a discussion about what this tool is and how it can help those who are retrieving key files that they have lost.

What is the OneDrive Recovery Wizard for Formatted Drive?

The formatted OneDrive recovery wizard is a reliable wizard that can help users get back lost or deleted data from OneDrive storage that has been formatted. This tool makes it easier to get back lost data, whether it’s because of formatting by mistake, system errors, or something else out of your control. It makes sure that important files are found quickly and easily.

An effective wizard allows users to recover lost or wiped data from formatted OneDrive recovery wizard . BLR data recovery tool allows you to swiftly and rapidly recover your crucial files, regardless of the cause of your data loss. It’s possible to get your data back after a system crash, accidentally resetting your OneDrive, or other events.

You can get back deleted files from OneDrive by using the Recycle Bin.

Even if you delete a file from OneDrive, you can still recover it. This is due to Microsoft’s 30-day retention policy for deleted files, which includes audio, video, documents, photos, movies, and apps. A file can be restored immediately from OneDrive within 30 days of deletion.

Ways to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files from OneDrive

To recover deleted data from OneDrive in Windows 11/10, follow the steps outlined below.

1: Click the OneDrive button and choose “view online” from the menu that comes up.

2: Choose “Recycle Bin” from the option on the left.

3: The right pane displays all of the removed files and directories. To restore a specific file or folder, tick the box next to it, or click the “Restore all items” button.

Although various data recovery software exist, BLR Tools software appears to operate wonderfully. Whatever the reason for your data loss, it can recover various file types, including photographs and videos.


When you delete files with the OneDrive desktop client, old objects are promptly removed unless you have emptied the Windows Recycle Bin or it is overflowing. In some circumstances, locate the deleted files in the Recycle Bin to delete OneDrive data. As seen below, you can use BLRTools formatted OneDrive recovery wizard to recover data from the recycle bin even after it has been emptied.

Recover lost or deleted music, videos, documents, and more.

Retrieve data from a variety of storage media, including as memory cards, flash drives, and formatted hard disk with Recycle Bin recovery wizard.

Assist with data recovery in the event of unexpected deletion, formatting, corrupted hard drives, virus attacks, or system crashes.

Follow these procedures to perform a OneDrive recovery, and keep the storage disk containing your OneDrive contents close at hand.

How can BLRTools Recover Cloud-Deleted Files?

The reason for this is that the cloud device and your local files are continually in sync. When deleting from a cloud storage service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive, it is possible to wipe both local files and data. When similar data go from the cloud drive, BLRTools wizard can locate them on your local system.

1. Select a Drive on your System

To sync files to the cloud drive, run the BLRTools recovery wizard and select the local disk. To begin, click “Scan“.

2. Evaluate the Results of the Scan

After the scan is completed, you may begin searching for deleted files on the cloud drive and the selected device. To find specific files, choose the category and click “Filter“. Double-clicking the file will provide a preview of its contents.

Formatted OneDrive Recovery Wizard Important Features:

Easy to Use layout: The formatted OneDrive recovery wizard user-friendly layout makes data recovery straightforward and intuitive. With clear instructions and guided sequences, individuals without technical experience can easily use the software.

Entire File Recovery: This tool have powerful algorithms to thoroughly scan the formatted OneDrive storage and retrieve a wide range of file formats, including Word documents, photos, videos, and more. The Formatted One Drive Recovery Wizard ensures total file recovery regardless of the cause of data loss, which ranges from unintentional formatting to other causes.

Choose Your Own Files or Folders: Users can retrieve files or folders from OneDrive’s formatted storage. This tool allows users to focus on finding the most important files, saving time and space.

The preview option enables users to check the integrity of recovered files before proceeding with the recovery procedure. This tool allows users to select only the files they need to restore and verify the quality of the recovered data.

Secure Data Recovery: To ensure that the integrity of the files is not jeopardized throughout the recovery process. The formatted OneDrive recovery wizard prioritizes the safety and security of the recovered contents.

To Summarize

Finally, BLRTools formatted OneDrive recovery wizard makes it easier and more reliable to recover lost or destroyed data from formatted OneDrive storage. Users may simply recover their valuable files thanks to this tool’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive data recovery features, selectable recovery options, preview functionality, and safe data recovery process. Whether you mistakenly formatted your OneDrive or suffered other sorts of data loss, the formatted OneDrive recovery wizard allows you to recover important information and mitigate the effects of data loss incidents.

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