May 17, 2024
hard drive error code 0146

It is Possible to Fix Hard Drive Error Code 0146?

In addition, it slows down the system, stops software from working, causes the system to crash often (“blue screen of death“), and causes a number of other Windows issues. Windows might not start up if the error is not fixed quickly. This could be happen because of a file system error or may be a damaged drive. So, it’s very important to fix hard drive error code 0146 right away to keep from losing data forever.

This blog’s main goal is, to explain what “error code 0146” means and how to fix it on your computer. What are the causes to grow this types error and how to recover data from a hard drive that has been lost “error code 0146” with the help of best data recovery tool.

Dell computers and PCs are most often affected by the error number 2000-0146. It means there are problems reading or writing to the hard drive. That have a big effect on how your system normally works and the data that is saved on the drive. The mistake causes the system to freeze and shut down without warning a lot of the time.

How to Fix Error Code 0146 on Hard Drive

Problem error code 0146 could be caused by a number of things. This part will talk about some of the most usual reasons for error 0146 and how to fix hard drive error code 0146. But first, a word of warning.

WARNING: You should back up your data before fixing the drive mistake so that you don’t lose any data during the fix. If you can’t get your computer to start up or have lost data because the system froze or shut down without warning, you should get data recovery software like BLR data recovery tool right away and get it back.

Now let’s talk about what else could cause the error 0146 on hard drives. These are the most usual ones that one create error:

1. Getting a virus

If your Dell computer displays error code 0146, it likely indicates disk read/write issues caused by malicious software or a virus. To resolve this, start your PC in safe mode and run a full system scan using a trusted antivirus program like Windows Defender. This should detect and remove any malware responsible for the disk errors, allowing normal operation to resume.

2. System or Registry Files Broken

When system or registry files are damaged or missing, they can lead to serious problems with your Dell PC or laptop. The error code 0146 is one of these problems. You can fix the damaged system files, though, by scanning them with System File Checker (SFC).

The SFC is a command-line tool that comes with Windows that checks important system files for damage. It solves the damage by changing any system or registry files that are damaged or missing after the check.

SFC Check Done by Following These Steps:

  1. Type “CMD” by pressing Windows + S
  2. Choose “Run as” Right-click on the Command Prompt
  3. Official in charge

The SFC scan will begin when you type SFC /scannow and press “Enter.” To fix and restore the registry data, restart your machine again after scan. Your system will ask for a Windows installation DVD or media during the SFC check and fix if the needed files are not found in the cache. In order to fix broken or faulty system files, keep this tool close at hand.

3. Run your pc in safe mode and clean

To start the computer in safe mode during clean startup, you need to disconnect all of its connected gadgets, such as the printer, Wi-Fi dongle, modem, and so on. After taking the devices away, do these things:

  • Turn off the PC.
  • As soon as you press the power button, keep pressing the F8 key until you see the screen that says “Advanced Boot options.”
  • Pick Safe mode with Networking with the arrow keys and press Enter.
  • Sign in, and then press “Windows+R.”
  • Just type msconfig and click “Ok.”
  • The System Configuration Utility window will open.
  • After clicking the General tab, click the Selective Startup button.
  • Leave “Load Startup items” unchecked.
  • Check the box next to “Hide all Microsoft services” on the Services tab.
  • Click “Disable all” button and restart system.

This is the another solution which should be fix hard drive error code 0146 on your computer. If it does, you should back up your data right away and check the SMART state of your hard drive for signs that it might be failing.

4. Misconfiguration in the firmware or BIOS

The error number 0146 can also be caused by changes or mistakes in the BIOS or firmware settings. In your Dell machine, you can return the BIOS settings to their original state by taking these steps:

Restart the system by holding down “F2” until the Dell symbol appears or the system begins. You will see the BIOS and firmware changes.
To return the BIOS to its original settings, go to BIOS Settings and choose “Setup Defaults” or “Reset to Default” or a similar choice.

Turn the machine back on properly.

5. Install data recovery software and recover data at new folder.

Fix hard drive error code 0146 isn’t always possible because the drive is severely damaged or has a lot of bad sectors. When this happens, it’s best to get a new hard drive for your Dell machine instead of fixing the malfunctioning one. In the meantime, use data recovery tools to safely get back the data on these damaged files.

Through Using the “Deep Scan” process, the BLR data recovery tool can recover data from hard drives that are badly damaged, deleted, or missing sectors.

Even more!

You can avoid getting the Dell hard drive error code 0146. But in this case, you should use the best Windows data recovery tools right away to keep the data on the drive from getting worse. Software like BLRTools Data Recovery can help you safely get back as much data as possible from these drives. Also, using disk defragmentation, anti-virus/malware protection, and the CHKDSK tool on a daily basis keeps the drive running at its best and keeps the system safe.

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