March 3, 2024
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Easy Ways to Extract Contacts from OST File Quickly

In this blog post, I’ve given two different ways to do it. While extract contacts from OST file quickly, there are certain limitations in its use. To stay clear of issues, use the OST to PST converter tool. Before we get into the solution, let’s look at why it’s necessary to extract emails from an OST file.

Why Is It Required to Extract Contacts from OST Files?

The Outlook OST file format comes in handy when there is no connectivity to the Exchange Server. It includes account information and allows you to view it offline. But if you wanted to extract contacts from OST file quickly, you would have to convert them into an accessible format. As a result, getting Outlook contacts from.ost files becomes necessary. Outlook users are often looking for ways to get their contacts back from Outlook’s OST files. For that reason, we have put up the best methods for achieving the same.

The Microsoft Outlook email program saves email data in two file formats: OST and PST

The OST file format represents an offline storage table, while the PST file type represents a personal storage table. Both formats hold all of the contents of the mailbox, including as contacts, emails, attachments, and so forth; the OST format, on the other hand, is meant to be used offline. In this article, we’ll give you easy techniques for retrieving contacts from OST files.

Because of the synchronization issue with the Exchange Server, it is necessary to obtain the contacts from the OST file. Server disruptions affect Outlook’s operation.

You need to download and install BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool to extract the contacts from the OST files in order to save them as a backup on your PC. The contacts from the OST files are something you cannot afford to lose.

To make the contacts independently available, you may need to convert them to a file type that requires users to extract contacts from OST file quickly.

The aforementioned considerations indicate the need for email extraction from OST files. Furthermore, why do corrupted OST files happen? If yes, let’s go on to the relevant fixes.

extract-contacts-from- ost-file

In what way can I extract my contacts from an OST file?

You extract contacts from OST file quickly manually using the method listed below. This method, which is predicated on a feature of Microsoft Outlook, enables you to export your OST contacts in the CSV file format to a desired location. The steps listed below can be used to restore contacts from an OST file accurately.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Click the File tab to view the other options.
  • Choose Open & Export by clicking the File tab.
  • Next, choose the Import/Export menu item.
  • Next, click Next after selecting Export to a file in the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Here, choose Comma Separated Value (CSV) and click the Next button.
  • Click the Next button after selecting the contact files and folders you want to recover and convert to CSV.
  • Once you’ve decided where on your computer to save the CSV file, click Next.
  • Lastly, check the option next to Export Contacts from Folder and click Finish.

If you follow the procedures above properly, you will be able to extract contacts from OST file quickly. The selected contacts from the OST file will be restored and saved on your computer in the location of your choice. There are, however, significant limitations to this manual approach.

The Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual method for recovering Outlook contacts from.ost files has the following limitations.

  1. The export process requires a constant connection to the Exchange server. In the event of a connection failure, data loss may occur.
  2. The export method may take minutes or even hours depending on the size of the OST file, making the manual technique utilizing Outlook highly time-consuming.
  3. Because this method is complicated and intricate, novice users are unable to perform it.
    If you do not carefully follow the instructions, you risk damaging and ruining the OST file.
  4. Due to the aforementioned limits, users are compelled to avoid utilizing the manual technique of recovering contacts from an OST file.
  5. Perhaps you don’t need to be concerned because we’ve included a backup way to get around all of these restrictions below.

Contacts Process Automation Professional software, such as the BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool, makes it simple to restore data from your OST files, including contacts.

You may rapidly recover your Outlook OST files and import them into Outlook 2019 and earlier versions using this tool. It is simple to use. The graphical user interface speeds up the recovery process for customers. Furthermore, corrupted Outlook files can be utilized to recover OST data, including contacts. OST files can also be converted to PST files and other file formats like as MSG, DBX, EML, MBOX, and so on.

In summary,

This page describes easy ways to to extract contacts from OST file quickly. Users have various plans for the contacts stored in OST files. Because you cannot access these connections directly, it becomes necessary to extract them. It will help you recover all data from your OST files, including contacts from corrupted OST files.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I recover my contacts from an OST file?

To extract contacts from OST files, use the steps outlined in the preceding blog post. It is straightforward to export contacts as a CSV file using Outlook’s built-in capability. If you want to avoid the limits of this process, you can use an automatic professional third-party OST Recovery Tool. It is simple to retrieve your OST contacts.

2. Is it feasible to extract all contact information from an OST file?

Yes, you may extract contacts from OST file quickly. The OST file contains the information that was last synchronized with the Exchange server. As a result, you can use the Outlook application to retrieve data from the OST file.

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