June 18, 2024
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Top-Notch Solution – Export OST Files to iCloud (Apple Mail) Account?

In this blog, Both the manual method and the Advanced OST to PST Converter Tool will be covered in this blog post. Let us discuss about the Top-Notch Solution – Export OST Files to iCloud (Apple Mail) Account?

Import OST Files to iCloud (Apple Mail)

In Short, are you thinking about exporting your OST files to iCloud (Apple Mail)?
In the event of a positive response, this blog is dedicated to helping you understand these specifications better. Each article is tailored to meet the needs of readers with varying levels of technical expertise.

The file types OST and PST are used to store mailboxes for Outlook accounts. No internet connection is necessary to use this sort of file. For a number of purposes, including personal or professional, BLR Tools OST converter tool to Apple Mail accounts. Several justifications for converting Outlook OST to Apple Mail will be covered in this article. Okay, let’s talk about this.


Mac Mail will not open OST files that were saved by Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Emails must be formatted so that Mac Mail can read them if they are transferred from a Windows computer to a Mac machine. Because of its simple interface and intuitive layout, Mac Mail is highly favored by Mac users as an email software.

Smart mailboxes and rule-setting are two capabilities that are absent from Mac Mail and are present in Microsoft Outlook.  You have to export OST Files to iCloud if you would like this feature. It is widely agreed upon that Mac Mail offers greater security than Microsoft Outlook as an email client.

If the security of your email data is on your mind, moving OST files to Apple Mail could be beneficial. Next, we’ll examine an inventive way to import Outlook OST files into Apple Mail (iCloud) with this manner.

Method1: Using Apple Mail, Migrate Outlook OST files

  1. Open Apple Mail first, then Choose Preferences > Accounts from the menu.
  2. Selecting the ‘+‘ icon will incorporate an account.
  3. Click Proceed once you’ve selected Exchange.
  4. Press the Proceed button once you have input your name, email address, and password.
  5. It will configure the server if autodiscovery is enabled. Otherwise, provide the address of the server.
  6. Click Proceed once you have chosen the desired folders (calendars or contacts, for example).
  7. Ultimately, your Exchange account has been successfully set up by Apple Mail.
  8. To import the OST file into Apple Mail, follow the preceding instructions.

Drawbacks of the Handwritten Method

  • More familiarity with Apple Mail is required for the manual method, which increases difficulty.
  • Updates involving large volumes of data take a while.
  • Incorrect modifications may result in data loss and system instability.
  •  Attempting to alter multiple pieces of data at once is not advisable.

Method2: Convert OST files into iCloud Mail automatically.

BLR Tools OST converter simplifies the process of exporting OST files to iCloud and other email programs and formats, delivering an all-in-one solution. Expert technicians are evaluating this program. Among its many features and functionalities is a basic graphical user interface (GUI). The utility also imports all versions of Outlook with OST files containing every email item. A key aspect of this program is the provision of a free demo edition, which users can download and use without charges. To import an Outlook OST file into iCloud (Apple Mail), carry out the procedures listed below.

You can import an OST file into your iCloud (Apple Mac Mail) account by following these procedures.

  1. Install the BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool when it has been downloaded.
  2. After using the Select Files or Select Folder buttons to choose the OST files, click Next.
  3. Click Next once the files have been assessed and chosen from the tree structure list.
  4. The Saves/Backup/Migrate As option allows you to select email clients.
  5. Then click the drop-down box and choose iCloud.
  6. Click Sign In once you’ve typed in your email address and app password.
  7. After selecting the features you want, click Convert to begin the conversion process.

To Sum Up

OST files can be imported into Apple Mail using one of two methods. The first method we employed was manual and necessitated technological expertise. But we employed the greatest and easiest fix available—the infinite technique, which is the OST to iCloud converter tool. You have the option to select the most convenient method for you to export OST Files to iCloud or folders can be simultaneously using the expert technique.

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Export OST Files to iCloud
In this blog, Export OST Files to iCloud (Apple Mail) Account in two methods. Discover the most simple methods.

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