April 18, 2024

Export, Migrate, Transfer and Convert OST to Zimbra?

Have you considered OST to Zimbra but are unsure how to In the next part, we will go over export, migrate, transfer and convert OST to Zimbra? Continue reading…..

Detailed information on Zimbra and OST files

Organizations embrace new technology on a daily basis, which implies that most users must face new challenges. Because the primary purpose is to migrate all emails from one platform to another. Though numerous email services are available online, BLR Tools OST converter tool is a popular tool for export, migrate, transfer and convert OST to Zimbra for business purposes that works offline with Exchange Server and OST files.

1.   OST Information

Microsoft Outlook generates OST files when Exchange Server and Outlook are not directly connected to the internet. While working offline without an internet connection, the original file appears as an OST file. If a user has several OST files and wants to export them to different email apps, they require the quickest and most secure migration solution to quickly convert OST to Zimbra to a new email platform.

2.   Zimbra for Windows

Zimbra is a well-known open-source email tool that allows you to access many accounts in one place, both online and offline. It simply handles emails, contacts, calendars, briefcases, and other mailbox data items.


Unexpected occurrences may occur, making the migration from Outlook Exchange OST files to Zimbra a better option.

The Synchronization Issue

These types of changes cannot be synchronized with the server when offline convert OST to Zimbra is the simplest way to ensure that updates are synchronized and noted with Exchange Server.

OST File Corruption

The OST file is susceptible to corruption, virus infection, accidental deletion, and other software-related issues. As a result, users cannot rely solely on OST files for data storage. It is recommended that OST files be imported using Zimbra.

For Zimbra, How Can I Transform an OST File?

OST Converter allows you to bulk import OST files to Zimbra along with contacts, calendar entries, emails, and attachments. Without the requirement for technical experience, both technical and non-technical users can utilize the application’s basic working techniques to move OST to Zimbra. All files, including their precise formatting, folder structure, and email properties, can be loaded directly into the Zimbra email application using this direct migration option.

Follow these procedures along with attachments and other content:

Step 1: Download BLR Tools to convert OST to Zimbra on your computer. Then, using the Add File or Add Folder button, load the OST mailbox folder for Zimbra conversion.

Step 2: After all objects have been successfully loaded into the application, select the required folder to examine the entire list of email files on the software pane. Before converting, open the Preview window by clicking on the appropriate file.

Step 3: To save the OST file, select Zimbra as the saving option and click the Export button.

Step 4: To begin the conversion, click the Browse button, select the destination, and click Convert.

By following the guidelines, you can transfer an OST mailbox to an Office 365 Exchange Online account without losing any data.

Features of the OST Converter Tool

  1. Graphical user interface that is simple and robust.
  2. Dual conversion modes are available to load OST files/folders as needed.
  3. Microsoft Outlook is not required to convert OST to Zimbra.
  4. Import OST file Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 are all supported.
  5. Convert OST emails, contacts, and calendars with attachments to Zimbra.
  6. OST file migration made easier with preview features
  7. All Windows OS versions, including Windows 10, can be easily downloaded.
  8. Import an OST file into Zimbra in batches in a couple of seconds. Offers a number of file name options for saving the created file.
  9. For selective conversion, you can filter by advance date.
  10. Email attributes, formatting properties, and folder structure are all preserved.


To summarize, for consumers seeking a smooth data transfer, the process of export, transfer, and convert OST to Zimbra with BLR Tools provides a new choice. This project ensures successful collaboration within the Zimbra environment, maximizing communication and production, through careful implementation and reliable tools.

Convert OST to Zimbra
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