May 17, 2024

Solutions for Recover Lost Files from a Pen Drive – 2024 Update

This guide will show you how to recover a pen drive in Windows 11/10/8/7. Let us take a closer look at the blog and discussed how I can do data recovery for lost pen drive files.

Are My Files Recover from a Pen Drive?

It is designed to be connected to a computer or other appropriate device using a USB cable. The pen drive is a popular and recognized detachable storage device for transferring and storing data. Although it is convenient, clients may face data loss. Pen drive files can be lost due to a variety of reasons, including virus infection, corruption, erasure, formatting, and broken sectors. Data recovery for lost pen drive is thus essential. Many people encounter pen drive data loss, and we’ve listed some of the most common causes here.

Accidental deletion: If you mistakenly delete files or folders from a pen drive, there is no backup copy.

Format the drive: If you select the wrong drive letter during the formatting process, you may mistakenly format your pen drive.

Partition corruption: When attempting to access the disk via File Explorer, an error message such as “formatted pen drive data recovery” appears. Do you want to format it right away?

Virus: Because USB devices are widely used to transport data between computers, they are vulnerable to virus infection.

Incorrect USB drive removal: If you remove a pen drive from your computer without first selecting Safely Remove Hardware, the disk may become RAW.

Bad sectors: Bad sectors can destroy a pen drive’s memory chip, rendering it unusable.

Can I Restore Data from a Pen Drive?

Data recovery for lost pen drive is doable in a variety of conditions. When you erase data from a pen drive, format it, or render it unusable, the data is not completely deleted.

Data from lost or erased pen drives can be retrieved using particular technologies. What is the possibility of successfully recovering deleted data from a pen drive? As long as the lost files are not modified, there is a 95%-100% possibility of recovering the data. When you remove a deleted file from a pen drive, the file system indicates that the space is free for new data storage. Before deleted files are lost and replaced by new ones, they can be recovered.

As a result, if you do not protect lost files against data overwriting, you will be unable to fully restore them. If you’ve lost data from a flash drive, hard drive, or other device due to deletion, formatting, or a virus, you can use data recovery software to recover it. This article discusses two types of recovery tools: professional data recovery wizard and premium data recovery software.

  1. Support file preview before proceeding with the recovery.
  2. A thorough and speedy scan of missing data ensures successful recovery.
  3. Support NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT drive recovery.
  4. Four recovery options can fix almost any data loss situation.
  5. The recovery procedure is both safe and read-only on the original device.

How to Recover Deleted Pen Drive Data with BLR Data Recovery Tool?

If you accidentally deleted files from a pen drive, do not give up. This section explains how to recover deleted files with data recovery for lost pen drive, BLRTools pen drive recovery tool. This edition allows you to effortlessly recover 1GB of data at no cost. If this solution does not work for you, you can use BLR data recovery tool, a advanced recovery wizard, to retrieve lost data from pen drives. The steps for recovering deleted files from a pen drive are as follows.


Step 1: When you attach your pen drive to your computer, File Explorer will open.

Next, on your computer, Run BLR Tools.

Step 2: Select the recovery mode from the primary interface of BLR Tools.

Step 3: To begin scanning, choose the pen drive and press the “Next” button

This page displays your computer’s partitions; pick the pen drive to scan it. It is really easy to spot a pen drive here. Its name often contains prefixes such as “RD0:” and “RD1”. After you highlight it, you can view its details, such as capacity, adapter, model, SN, and so on.

Step 4: Review the scan results to see which files can be recovered

You can open a file in a preview window by double-clicking it in the right panel. This type of file previewing allows you to see images, videos, text, audio, PDFs, and Office documents.

Step 5: Data Recovery for Lost Pen Drive

After selecting the files and folders you want to restore, click the “Recover” button. This will let you select where you wish to save the files. Once all file copies have completed, open the target location to inspect the recovered data.

How do I get data back from a corrupted pen drive?

This issue can occur for a variety of causes, including malware attacks, corrupted file systems, improper disk removal from the port, chip damage, etc. If you insert the infected pen drive into your computer’s USB port and activate File Explorer, you may see the drive letter but not be able to open it. When you try to open it, you should see error messages such as “E:\ is not accessible”. When you check the file system in Disk Management, it may become RAW. Before launching a drive, Windows may ask you to format it.

  • After connecting the infected pen drive to your computer.
  • Install BLRTools software will then enable you to view the pen drive.
  • Launch BLR wizard and locate the corrupted USB drive.
  • Locate the context menu and select “Recover Lost Files” after right-clicking on it.
  • To start the scanning process, choose the recovery options and click the “Start” button.
  • Get data off a pen drive.

In Summary

Pen drives are useful tools for storing a huge number of files and transferring data between computers. Pen drive data, on the other hand, can easily lost due to a variety of reasons. We hope that the ways discussed in this post will help you data recovery for lost pen drive files from and avoid data loss. It is crucial to stop using the pen drive as soon as you become aware of data loss and begin data recovery as soon as feasible to enhance the likelihood of success. Finally, to avoid data loss, make an effort to establish and save backups on many devices. If you need help recovering data from a pen drive, please do not hesitate to contact our support t

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