May 17, 2024
Crashed External Hard Drive Recovery

Check Deleted Data From Crashed External Hard Drive Recovered?

Can Hard Drive Crash Data be Recovered?

The Seagate external hard drive crashed. It shows up as a USB device beneath the hard drive on my PC. I cannot open it. An unknown gadget was described. Windows PC user here your can learn crashed external hard drive recovery process, to recover external hard drive lost data. Can crashed external hard drive data be recovered by software?

This is aggravating “Hard Drive Cash”. Hard drive accidents might erase vital data. Even if an external hard drive is damaged and corrupted, you can restore data. Discover how to recover an external hard drive accident.

Step 1: Download Free External HDD Crash Recovery

Since your computer recognizes your wrecked external hard disk, a third-party data recovery tool can retrieve its data. You may use BLRTools external hard disk recovery. You can recover data from hard disk crashes, system errors, and inadvertent loss. This tool scans your wrecked external hard disk to see how many files you can recover.

Step 2: External Hard Drive File Recovery Without Formatting

Download and install BLR Tools Data Recovery, connect your external hard drive, and follow the procedures to crashed external hard drive recovery “undiscovered, wrecked, damaged, or dead external hard disk.”

1 : Choose your wrecked external HDD

The application lists local and external hard disks. Select your external hard disk and click “Start” to begin.

2 : Search damaged external hard drive for files

Your data will be scanned quickly by this external hard disk recovery. Start a “All-Around Recovery” thorough scan if you can’t find your files.

3 : Preview and restore files

Preview, choose, and click “Recover” to get recoverable files after the scan.

After retrieving data from an external hard drive, we recommend fixing the wrecked hard drive for reuse.

Step 3: Fixing a Corrupted External Hard Drive

DIY external hard drive repair is possible. Formatting usually fixes hard drive issues fast and easily. Data loss and other complications might result when formatting an external hard drive. Fixing a broken external hard disk using CMD is safer.

Repairing a Corrupted External Hard Drive Without Formatting
CMD removes all data from a failed external hard drive. Before commencing CMD hard drive repair, retrieve data from the damaged external hard disk. Continue to Part 1 and follow the external hard drive crash recovery instructions to recover data effortlessly.

  • Search CMD for Command Prompt.
  • “Command Prompt” > “Run as administrator”.
  • Start error scanning on the external hard drive with “chkdsk F: /F”.
  • After pressing “Enter”, the disk repair utility will fix your corrupted hard drive.

To examine your hard drive more thoroughly, use “chkdsk F: /F /X /R” in the third step. Dismount the external hard drive volume before scanning with /X. /R finds damaged hard disk sectors and recovers all readable data. Additionally, the first F depends on your external hard disk’s drive letter.

External Hard Disk Damage: A Comparison of Logical and Physical Damage

External hard drives are prone to logical and physical damage, which might cause part or all of the data stored on the drive to be lost.

You need to use different methods to try to recover data that you lost because of these two types of damage. Physical damage is often done to an external hard drive that is dead.

When an external hard drive has logical damage, it is often possible to recover lost data using built-in operating system capabilities. When native approaches fail, one may also employ best data recovery tool for personal use. The deleted data are restored to accessibility by the recovery program, which also fixes any logical harm. Your operating system must detect the device in order for it to recover from logical disk damage.

Data loss due to physical damage poses a more challenging recovery situation. You won’t be able to utilize the same crashed external hard drive recovery approach that works for logical damage on a physically damaged disk since your operating system won’t be able to access it very frequently. In these situations, your best option for trying to recover your information is to employ a professional data recovery service.

How to Prevent a Hard Drive from Losing Data

Here are some pointers to assist you avoid losing data on a hard disk.

If you hear any odd sounds, such clicking or grinding, stop using the device. You might think about utilizing Disk Drill’s byte-level backup feature to make a workable backup that includes deleted data before you stop using the device.

To prevent malware from infecting your computer, use antivirus to avoid malware. Numerous malware and virus infestations may damage your computer and it’s result count in bad like data loss.

To safeguard your information, regularly create backups of your data. By doing this, you’ll be able to retrieve the majority or all of your data without using specialized software or hiring a recovery company.

Extreme heat or excessive humidity should not be allowed to harm the storage device.

Double-check any activities that could be harmful, like deleting data or formatting a disk, to make sure you have the right information. Because of ignorance, data loss that could have been easily avoided may happen by accident.

Backups & Comes to the Aid!

You can recover your lost data even in the event that none of the above mentioned solutions work if you have a working backup copy of it on an external hard drive. All users should adhere to the computer best practice of regularly backing up their system and data. If your OS is unable to recognize the disk, your backup may be your only option for recovering your data save using a data recovery service.

Recovering using a backup is much less costly than shipping your device to a recovery facility and paying a charge to have your data returned. Although recent data that has not been saved to your backup media may not always be recovered by backups, it is still well worth the effort to safeguard your data in this manner.

Final Thoughts

It is not feasible crashed external hard drive recovery is logical. BLR Tools data recovery provides a trial version for this reason as well. You may use this trial version to see how many files you can recover and to make sure the files it finds are the ones you want to restore. Download the BLRTools data recovery trial version to examine deleted files from an external hard disk.

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