March 3, 2024

How to Convert Outlook OST File to Claws Mail – Simple Steps

Want Claws Mail to convert OST files? Comfortable! This tutorial will teach you how to convert Outlook OST file to Claws mail. Many users want an easy way to move Outlook emails to Claws Mail. There is no official cure yet. Read the book to determine the most reliable method.

A Guide to Convert Outlook OST to Claws Mail

Desktop computers can use the email client Claws Mail. Mbox files are used to store the mailing data for this program. You can manually convert Outlook OST file to Claws mail. It is possible to transmit an OST file directly to Claws Mail using this email client. You must install BLR Tools OST converter tool to convert an OST file to an MBOX file before converting it into Claws Mail. You may convert ost files to Claws Mail quickly and effortlessly with this error-free utility, all without missing a single email. The conversion process is not too tough, and the program is straightforward.

An easier to use program for converting OST emails to Claws Mail Tools. You can convert Outlook OST files to any format you choose with the help of the robust and user-friendly email conversion BLR Tools OST file to Claws mail Migrator. You may transfer a large number of Outlook emails onto a Claws Mail account with specialized software.


Reasons for converting to Email Claws from OST are as follows:

You may convert an Outlook OST file to Claws mail for a variety of reasons, including a malfunctioning email client. Microsoft Outlook is one of the numerous software applications that facilitate communication among individuals today. Users also convert OST files into other file formats when they are created in other file formats.

Numerous things, including sluggish email clients and malfunctioning functionality, can contribute to the Claws Mail to PST conversion. Microsoft Outlook is used by a large number of users these days to keep connected to the program.

Manually Convert Outlook OST Files into Claws Email Client

There is no simple way to convert Outlook OST file to Claws mail.

  • Import Claws Mail to MBOX.
  1. To start, press Claws Mail.
  2. Click File and select Convert to MBOX file.
  3. Select which directories you want to convert.
  4. Choose Save after inputting the path of the MBOX file.
  • Open MBOX and Thunderbird.
  1. With a Mozilla browser, open Thunderbird.
  2. Put ImportExportTools NG’s third add-on in place.
  3. Right-clicking on the Local folder will allow you to select ImportExportTools NG.
  4. Using the Import MBOX file option, select one or more MBOX files to import, and then click OK.
  5. Once the MBOX file has been selected, click OK.
  • MBOX to EML file conversion
  1. Start the Thunderbird.
  2. ImportExportTools NG can be selected by performing a right-click on the imported folder.
  3. After selecting Convert all messages in the folder, choose EML as the format to use.
  4. Click once the storage location has been selected.
  5. Using Outlook, import EML.
  6. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  7. After choosing an EML file, drop it into Outlook.

Note: You may convert MBOX data to EML using a number of less complicated techniques.

To convert an OST to Claws Mail, follow these steps:

1: To add an Outlook OST document, open the application.
2: Choose the exportable mailbox folders.
3: Select the MBOX option for saving.
4: Click “Convert” and go over the steps again.

Completed and signed off! Click on File>>.converting MBOX files. Choose Claws Mail to convert the MBOX file after you’ve located it. Completed and signed off! These merely represent a handful of the tool’s incredible powers.

There are a number of characteristics, including:

Large OST files up into smaller ones, deleting contacts and calendars from OST files, removing attachments from Outlook files, and maintaining mailbox folder hierarchy; keeping crucial elements and metadata current; transferring data to Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and more systems. Convert Outlook OST file to Claws mail Automatically.

  • Run the OST to Claws Mail Converter software on your Windows computer.
  • Pressing the “Open” button will start the procedure.
  • Choose Folders/Files after choosing Email Data Files and OST files.
  • The desktop displays a summary of each OST file.
  • Select the “Export” menu item. Out of the folder, choose the OST files.
  • Navigate to the OST (data file), select it, and enter the path you want to use to save it.
  • Press the “Save” button. Await the completion of the migration.

The process of exporting has been successfully finished with BLR Tools. Now, a complete preview of your OST files may be seen on your destination path. An example of it A folder should only contain five exported objects.

Summed up

To summarize, customers looking for a quick and easy approach to convert Outlook OST file to Claws mail what they need by converting an OST file to Claws Mail. Users can improve their email experience by properly planning and performing the conversion.


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