March 3, 2024

Learn How to Convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac

Do you want to convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac? Are you looking for a safe approach to convert OST to MBOX? If this is the case, the BLR Tools blog may be able to help you resolve the OST to MBOX conversion process exactly and accurately.

Convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac

OST is a popular offline file type for Windows Outlook. When the email account is created, it is not linked to the Exchange Server. Nonetheless, these files are prone to corruption. They are easily contaminated and quite subtle. Furthermore convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac.

If Mac users have received OST files in a number, this is a big issue. Because regulating them is difficult because they are not safe, and the incompatibility would make the scenario more difficult for Mac OS users. As a result, during an emergency, Mac users will be unable to open OST files on Mac OS. As a result, they hunt for a solution that will allow them to convert OST to MBOX.

The Benefits of Converting OST to MBOX

The MBOX file extension is used by the majority of email apps that work with Macs to store users’ essential correspondence. Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, The Bat, and many others are among them. As a result, we’ve explored the following common causes that are driving forces behind the conversion process:

  1. MBOX is a trustworthy format since it includes text in 7-bit ASCII.
  2. Users can save large amounts of data in MBOX format.
  3. It is supported by over fifteen email clients.
  4. MBOX attachments are encoded and saved separately.


How to Convert OST to MBOX Quickly?

BLR Tools OST converter tool for Mac is a wonderful solution that allows users to convert several OST files to MBOX at once. The software includes a user interface that is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use without difficulty. Furthermore, Mac users can convert OST files to MBOX without the need of a skilled specialist. Customers may convert several OST folders to MBOX in the lowest amount of time due to the rapid processes, saving them time.

Convert OST Files to MBOX in Bulk.

Specifically Offline Outlook Data File (.ost) convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac.

  • Converting OST to MBOX files does not require Outlook on Windows.
  • Load the relevant OST files or folders into the software using the dual options.
  • When converting OST files, it keeps the data integrity.
  • OST files from all Outlook editions are supported by the software.
  • Delivers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Live Conversion is a window for tracking the export status.

Furthermore, the program provides a lot of benefits to customers who want to store OST data in MBOX according to their own requirements. Nonetheless, by downloading the free demo, users can test the software’s functionality.

Steps for Converting Mac OST to MBOX

  1. Download and install BLR Tools OST to MBOX Converter on Mac OS.
  2. Add the relevant OST files or folders to the software window using the Add File(s)/Add Folders options. Next should be selected.
  3. Examine the OST mailboxes listed by the application. Next should be selected.
  4. Select the MBOX format after selecting the Select Saving Options option.
  5. Select the MBOX format, then click Export to begin the procedure.

The process is now live, and the Live Conversion Window will reflect the current export status, as seen below.

The entire procedure will be completed in a matter of seconds, and “Conversion Completed” will show as verification that the procedure has been completed. After selecting OK, navigate to the MBOX file location. You can now import the created MBOX files into the appropriate MBOX-compatible email account. Once the file transfer is complete, you can inspect the data in the required file by opening it. Furthermore, you’ll see that the conversion was performed precisely and that the material with metadata features displays as intended.

Why Should You Use an OST to MBOX Converter?

Users may safely export OST files to MBOX with the help of BLR Tools OST to MBOX converter tool practical features and advanced functionality. Some of the app’s most prominent features are as follows:

Every MBOX Email Client is supported.

The OST to MBOX Tool supports all MBOX-compatible email applications. After the conversion is complete, users can view Offline Outlook Data Files (OST) in a variety of apps, including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Claws Mail, The Bat!, Pocomail, SeaMonkey, and many more.

Move OST Files and Attachments to MBOX

After conversion, the application may accurately save the attachments extracted from OST files with MBOX. You don’t need to worry about anything because the OST attachments will be stored alongside the OST emails during the procedure.

Many OST files can be exported to MBOX at the same time.

Users can convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac in a single conversion cycle using the powerful software OST to MBOX. The tool allows you to import an entire folder containing many OST files and convert them all at once without losing any data.

Keeps the folder structure and data integrity.

The application is safe and dependable to use. It also performs the desired function better than the user could have hoped. When the conversion is complete, users will notice that the final file looks exactly as expected. Subject, from, to, cc, bcc, and other properties are kept. Furthermore, the prior folder structure will be retained.


The application will protect the authenticity of the files while exporting OST emails in bulk to MBOX. The tool has features for convert OST to MBOX on Windows and Mac, such as the ability to save attached documents, formatting properties, and email text. It guarantees users 100% correctness when transferring OST (Offline Outlook Data File) to MBOX.

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