March 3, 2024

How to Convert OST files to Apple Mail – Complete Tutorial

This is the simplest approach to convert OST files to Apple Mail that you’ve been looking for. It uses “OST Extractor Pro,” the most sophisticated email migration application available, to convert files.

How to Convert OST files to Apple Mail

Do you want to convert OST files to Apple Mail quickly? There is a OST converter tool is better method to do it than this one. The following lesson is straightforward and will assist you in completing the project fast.

Converting ost files to iCal (Calendar), Apple Mail, and Addressbook

  1. Launch “OST Extractor Pro”.
  2. To load OST files for conversion, click the “Add OST” button.
  3. Select the files from the location where they have been located.

All of the directories are displayed within the selected files. Uncheck any folders that you do not want to import OST files to Apple Mail. You can also select to ignore all empty folders at once by checking the box above.


  • Select OST files to Apple Mail “Calendar, Address Book”  as the output type.
  • If your version is not currently active, click “Trial.”
  • After determining where to save the Apple Mail output folder, click “Save.”
  • When you click “Convert,” the application will start converting the selected folders. (If you want to cancel the conversion, click “Abort”).
  • From the confirmation window, select “Locate Output Folder” to go directly to the folder holding the tool’s “Apple Mail” files.
  • To finish and close the confirmation window, click “Ok.”

“OST Extractor Pro” handles all of the data contained in OST files exactly. This includes calendars and contacts in addition to emails. Complete accuracy is also provided for Unicode text, MIME headers, attachments, links, and graphics, among other things.

Furthermore, BLR Tools the application has specially created methods to convert OST files to Apple Mail. No folder will ever be misplaced or lost. This also applies to other types of data that are wrongly changed by poorer converters. The “OST Extractor Pro” is devoid of these tangles. It accommodates both novice and advanced users admirably.

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