June 18, 2024
convert OST to PST in Office 365

When to Convert OST File to PST in Office 365

In this section, we will go over how to convert an Office 365 cloud database from an OST to a PST. I’ve discussed two approaches to transferring an OST database to Office 365 (Exchange Online). If you plan to convert OST file to PST in Office 365, this blog will surely come in handy.

How Do You convert OST file to PST in Office 365?

The Outlook web interface does not provide a straightforward method of importing an OST file. However, if you still need to know how to import an OST data file into Office365, you can manually import a PST file after converting the OST file to PST format using the MS Network upload technique.

BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool is one of many accessible third-party options. It can convert OST files to Exchange Online accounts containing all types of data, such as notes, attachments, calendars, tasks, contacts, and emails. To convert your OST mailbox to an Office 365 cloud mailbox, read through both methods and choose the one that works best for you.

This post will cover two methods for convert Office 365 OST files to PST.

Method 1: OST files must be converted to PST files for Office 365

  • It is a roundabout way of getting OST files to Exchange Online.
  • Before uploading the OST file to Outlook 365, you must convert it to a PST file.
  • Open an OST file in a PST file first.
  • Start Microsoft Outlook. >> Select a File >> Receiving and Sending.
  • Select Export to a file, then Next, and then navigate to Personal Folder File (.pst) >> Personal Folder File (.pst) >> Personal Folder File (.pst) Next
  • Navigate to the appropriate file save location, check “Replace duplicate with items imported” and click “Next.”
  • Enter the password if you want; if not, skip it and click OK.

Important: If the exchange server is offline or you are not currently connected to the server, the OST to PST software can be used to successfully convert OST file to PST in Office 365.

convert-OST-file-to-PST- in-Office-365

Method 2: Upload PST file to Office 365 Webmail

You can also use a third-party software to directly convert OST to PST converter tool Office 365 email. The administrator must install the Azure AzCopy tool in order to convert PST files into Outlook web apps. Transfer the SAS URL—a network combination. URL for the Azure storage location in Exchange online and the SAS (Shared Access Signature) key.

  • Use the SAS key to migrate PST files to an Azure storage location.
  • Administrators may now import PST files into Azure cloud storage locations with ease.
  • The PST files in the Office 365 cloud platform can be relocated with the AzCopy.exe utility.
  • The administrator can access all of the convert OST file to PST in Office 365 webmail by configuring Azure Storage Explorer.
  • After importing the PST emails into the Exchange online database.
  • Administrator will establish an Office 365 import job to transfer PST files to the user mailbox using data from the CSV file.

The Manual Method Has the Following Drawbacks:

  1. The Office 365 OST file converting procedure is overly complicated and time-consuming.
  2. To follow the technique, complete technical skill is required.
  3. Not suitable for large OST to PST data conversion using the Office 365 technique.
  4. To move OST files to Office 365, use OST Converter.
  5. It is obvious that the aforementioned method is complex and time-consuming.
  6. As a result, if you are unfamiliar with the Azure Copy tool, I recommend using the OST to Office 365 Migration Tool.
  7. It provides a very basic GUI for uploading with only a few clicks, making it easy to use for both novice and professional users.
  8. The best feature of the utility is that it includes a software preview pane where users can inspect the selected OST files.
  9. It is a dependable and really simple strategy that guarantees consumers 100% success.

Using our BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool you can convert your data from the OST folder, including emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, formatting, and attachments, into Office 365 without making any changes.

To Summarize

This blog has explored two methods for convert OST file to PST in Office 365 mailbox to PST files. The first method is more arduous and time-consuming because the second method provides an instant alternative for importing OST files into an Office 365 cloud database As a result, you can select the appropriate method based on your requirements.


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