March 3, 2024

How to Convert OST file into different File Formats

OST Converting is a scientific approach to quickly convert OST file into different file formats.

Best Steps to Convert OST file into different File Formats

  1. Convert OST file into different file formats can be exported to a variety of cloud-based email providers.
  2. Outlook OST email files to a range of file-saving formats.
  3. Easily export corrupted, encrypted, or orphaned OST files.
  4. Take phone numbers, contact pictures, attachments, and email addresses from the email file.
  5. To transfer specific emails from the OST files, use the Advanced Email Filter option.
  6. Use the free email preview feature to study every email in an OST file.
  7. The ability to choose where you wish to save the converted file.
  8. Large OST files can be easily exported into a new file format.
  9. Maintain email attributes such as from, to, cc, bcc, attachments, and so on during conversion.
  10. When working with large files, maintain 100% accuracy and a high file conversation ratio.
  11. Suitable for Windows 10, 11, and various older versions
  12. Convert calendars, contacts, emails, notes, journals, tasks, and other data to a different format.
  13. Converting Emails to Multiple File Saving Formats

The BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool allows users to convert OST file into different file formats. Depending on their requirements, anyone can now easily export email files into a common file format.

OST file Convert Email to a cloud-based server

This utility’s ingenious programming allows anyone to import OST emails into a variety of web-based email services. Users can export OST to a variety of cloud-based email servers, including Gmail, Office365, Yandex, Yahoo, and GoDaddy.


Advanced Email Filter

The OST Converter tool convert OST file into different file formats. There are several filters available, including to, from, cc, bcc, name, date, time, and subject. Convert OST emails to a different file type after applying the relevant filters.

Convert all OST email data into a Mozilla Thunderbird email client with this all-in-one converter to export Thunderbird emails. Converting Outlook OST emails to Thunderbird is a quick and simple process that just takes a few simple steps with this tool.

Convert Emails Including Every Detail

The key benefit of this application is that it transforms emails without changing their original properties.

Export Specific Emails

After receiving email files, convert OST file into different file formats. This function assists in avoiding inadvertent conversions.

Able to work with Windows

All versions of Windows are meant to work with this program. Windows 11, 10, Vista, XP, and other previous versions are supported.

Transform Damaged OST File

This utility can be used to retrieve data from password-protected, encrypted, damaged, or corrupted OST email files. With the help of this tool, damaged files may be quickly converted to new OST files that can be exported to various formats.

Retrieve Email Address Data

There is an extractor integrated into this tool that allows you to get data out of emails. Associated email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, contact photos, and email addresses associated with a given Outlook OST file can all be obtained by users using this program.

Extract Contact from OST File

BLR Tools can convert OST file into different file formats. This utility allows you to convert OST to PST converter extract contact from OST file. It does this by converting OST to ICS format without changing any data.

In Summary

When convert OST file into different file formats, customers have unprecedented flexibility. Converting OST files allows users to manage their data more effectively, increasing accessibility and adaptability in the digital landscape—whether switching to a new email platform or assuring compatibility.

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