May 17, 2024
Blue Screen BCCode 50 Error

What is Blue Screen BCCode 50 Error? How to Resolve

Most of the time, people use computers for work, and it’s very annoying to run into the blue screen BCCode 50 error while you’re trying to get to your system. Move on to the next section, which will tell you what this error called BCCode 50 error is and how to fix blue screen BCCode 50 error, so that the same problem doesn’t happen again. Also, pay close attention to Part 4 of this piece. It will talk about how to get back data that was lost because of the Blue screen of death (BCCode 50). The blue screen of death can be caused by more than one error code. You also need to know what the blue screen of death is.

Bccode 50 Means “Blue Screen.”

As the name suggests, blue screen BCCode 50 error happens when the computer turns off with only a blue screen. When the blue screen appears, you can’t get to the computer’s files, data, or information. Blue Screen BCCode 50 error is one of the most common mistakes that causes a computer to shut down. Computer experts call it the “Blue Screen of Death” because the computer simply stops working. When Blue screen BCCode 50 error shows up, the user should fix the machine. The info can’t be accessed anymore if the blue screen isn’t fixed.

Reason for Blue Screen BCCode 50 error ?

There are several reasons why you might get a blue screen with code 50: software and hardware are not working together properly. For instance, Blue screen BCCode 50 error can happen if drivers are out of date in some cases. Outdated drivers are one of the main reasons why the blue screen mistake happens.

The video graphics card is another probable reason. BCCode 50 error problem happens when the graphics card driver is out of date. The old graphics card driver coupled to an AMD/Intel combination spot is most likely to cause this. When players “overclocked” their GPU, they said they got the BCCode 50 error.

Incorrectly installing hardware can also cause blue screen issues. Most of the time, this happens when the RAM is bad, which causes blue screen issues. Like software, hardware that isn’t properly fitted can also cause problems. Others have said they get blue screen problems when the memory stick is not inserted correctly. This error number (BCCode 50) usually happens when the hardware can’t keep up with what the software needs.

What to Do to Fix the “Blue Screen of Death” BCCode 50 Error

As a result, we’re going to talk about two things in this section:

  1. How to Do a Diagnostic
  2. Fixing the Problem

The cause should be found before the repair method is chosen. There are a few different ways to try to figure out what might be causing BCCode 50. First thing you should do when you see the blue screen of death is run the Memory Diagnostics test. This test is the best way to find out if bad RAM is the cause of BCCode 50 error.

Process of Diagnosis

These steps are what you need to do to run a Memory Diagnostics test:

  • Type mdsched.exe into the search box after clicking “Start.” Type “Enter.”
  • You can either run the test right away or set a time for it to run at a later time.
  • The test starts as soon as you turn the machine back on. Change the test settings so that you get Standard, Extended, and Basic.
  • Once the tests are over, the machine will start up again. A log will show you the findings.

Note: The test could show a problem with the RAM, which could be the reason for BCCode 50. If there are no problems, though, you will need to look at other reasons.

Check – What’s Going On With Your Drivers.

Here are steps mentioned should be try during checking drivers:

  • Right-click the file and choose “Manage” from the menu.
  • Computer management window, choose “Device Manager.”
  • Just double-click on a device to see what version of driver it has.
  • Press “P” and right-click on the driver.
  • Click on the “General” and “Driver” tabs to see the state of the driver.

You will be asked to keep the drivers up to date. It is best to update the files even if they aren’t the reason for the BCCode 50. The PC works well when it has the most recent drivers.

Running in “Safe Mode” is one more way to check for issues. When you’re using Windows 10, getting into safe mode is not the same as when you’re using Windows 8 or another OS. The mode turns off some drivers and only leaves the most important ones running.

When a user gets the blue screen mistake, they should switch to Safe Mode because it is easier to fix blue screen BCCode 50 there. Users can make copies of their info and figure out what caused the BCCode 50.

Fixing the Problem

Once the error’s cause has been found, it’s time to fix it. Windows Utility Tools and Recovery Software are the two main ways to fix blue screen BCCode 50 error. There are many useful tools built into Microsoft OS that can be used to fix most issues. Updating drivers might fix the blue screen problem on windows, for instance. Microsoft has built-in tools to find and run driver changes.

To Update Drivers that are Already Installed, Follow the Steps Below

  1. Tool for Windows Utility
  2. Start by pressing the “Start” button in the bottom left part of the screen.
  3. In the search bar, type “Device Manager.”
  4. Now, click “Device Manager” to see a folder with a list of drivers inside it.
  5. If you double-click on the category, a list of choices will appear below the category name. You need to click on the driver you want to change.
  6. Click “Action” and then “Update Driver.” There will be different ways for you to find changes.
  7. Choose “Search automatically for new driver software.” The system will choose the newest driver changes from the internet.
  8. To finish, wait for the driver to get new versions.
  9. If the blue screen error is caused by the hard drive, there are a few things that can be done to fix it.
  10. Find and fix disk problems, run Chkdsk /f /r. You only need to type “chkdsk /f /r” into the “Command Prompt.”
  11. The system will look through the hard drive for bad sections and try to fix them.

If the anti-virus program is found to be the cause of the BCCode 50 in Safe Mode, you should turn it off and restart the machine. You can restart the antivirus tool once the machine is back to normal.

How Can I Recover Data Lost During the Blue Screen of Death Error BCCode 50?

When there is a BCCode 50 mistake, data can be lost. Luckily, this problem can be “fix blue screen BCCode 50 error”in a number of ways. Windows OS lets you get back copies of data or make backups that get restored instantly. By using tools, you can make it easier.

People who would rather use a set of programs to get back lost data should consider BLR Tools. The software package is meant to recover lost data. BLRTools was made by WebbyAcad to recover data that was lost in a variety of situations, such as when a virus attacked or when a hard drive was erased. It is great software to have, especially if you lose info after fixing the blue screen problem.

This step-by-step guide will help you recover lost data:

Start picking the “System Crashed Computer” mode.

To get back lost info, BLRTools makes a usable disk or drive. In case Windows won’t start up, this is very helpful. To start the process of getting back your info, click “Start.”

You need to pick a type of hard drive. You can use either a USB bootable drive or a CD/DVD bootable drive. Pick one out and click “Create.” But be aware that using a USB or CD/DVD will erase everything on the gadget. BLRTools will let you know about it. You shouldn’t unplug the USB or DVD while it’s still being set up.

Once the working drive was made. The most usual way to get back lost data is through the BIOS, which is how BLRTools will get it back.

Just restart the machine to get the process going. Press the BIOS key over and over as the computer starts up until you see the screen below.

From the “Boot” menu, choose “Removable Drives.” Choose the DVD or USB as the main source for starting up. Press “escape” to save your changes.

You will be given directions on how to recover lost info.

So, I hope that the Bluescreen error Bccode 50 problem has been fixed and is no longer giving you any trouble. So, just enjoy using a computer without thinking about problems or losing data. This is possible thanks to BLR best data recovery tool from WebbyAcad Tool.

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