July 24, 2024
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Backup lost Emails from OST file to save crucial Outlook

Backup lost Emails from OST file. If you delete such objects from the deleted objects folder. Continue read this blog…

Backup Lost Emails from OST File

Backup lost Emails from OST file or Exchange server are often placed in the Deleted Items folder. The deleted items can be recovered quickly and easily from this folder.

In the case of soft deletion, email data isn’t permanently erased but rather moved to Outlook’s ‘Lost Items’ folder, offering you to restore and recover the lost items.

Data from an OST file that has been permanently wiped is referred to as hard deleted data. In this instance, you are unable to recover the data from the Deleted Items folder.

Justifications for deleting OST data permanently. Scan OST for Outlook can recover and export deleted emails from the Deleted Items folder. If the OST file cannot be read or the mail items have been permanently removed from this folder, the only option to retrieve them is to restore them from a backup OST snapshot.


  • Manually retrieving deleted OST files is restricted.
  • An orphan OST file does not contain recoverable data.
  • Data cannot be recovered from an encrypted or corrupted OST file.
  • From the mailbox, only emails can be restored.

In all the mentioned situations, the optimal approach is to recover the deleted contents from the OST file and convert them into a PST format. Fortunately, the BLR Tools OST to PST converter tool can swiftly retrieve deleted emails and folders.

The following situations may require OST file email restoration:

1.Accidental deletion: Users may delete emails unintentionally, resulting in the permanent loss of critical information. BLR Tools can help in these cases by exporting deleted items to a PST file and recovering them from an OST file.

2.Corruption: OST files can become corrupted due to a variety of circumstances such as unexpected system shutdowns, malware attacks, and hardware problems. In this situation, emails could be deleted or become inaccessible. BLR Tools excels at backing up lost emails from OST files.

3.Malware assaults: Malware attacks have the potential to severely damage OST files and cause data loss. BLR Tools can protect critical data by retrieving deleted contents from an infected OST file.

4.Accidental modification: Users may inadvertently edit or replace critical email messages, resulting in data loss. BLR Tools can help you recover deleted items from an earlier backup of the OST file.

5.Exchange Server failure: Critical email data may be lost if the Exchange Server fails unexpectedly. Even if the Exchange Server is down, BLR Tools can help you recover lost email items from the OST file. Learn how to save Outlook emails to a portable drive.

How may the contents of an OST file be extracted?

  1. After downloading the BLR Tools, install it.
  2. Search for and select the OST file on your PC.
  3. Make sure to check the ‘Show All Folders’ box, as seen below.
  4. To recover deleted emails, navigate to the “Deleted Items” folder.

NOTE: To restore a destroyed Exchange mailbox using BLR Tools, select the most recent Backup lost Emails from OST file.

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